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Best 120mm AIO Coolers in 2024


You may already have had a powerful CPU in the market today, but it’s pointless if you leave it overheating. One of the most ultimate ways to keep your CPU cool is by using an AIO water cooler. These are the best 120mm AIO coolers we’ve tested in 2022: 


ROG Strix 120mm AIO CPU Cooler


  • Perfect cooling ability.

  • Supreme build quality.

  • Five years of warranty.

  • Straightforward installment.

  • Enchanting RGB lighting.


  • A little bit noisy. 

  • Not cheap price. 

ROG Strix LC 120 is a strong, superb-performance AIO cooler with adjustable RDB lights on the pump head. Not only is it stylish and cutting-edge, but its cooling capabilities are also amazing, except for its getting a little noisy when operating.

The installment process for this ROG Strix LC 120 takes just about ten minutes and is inconceivably simple. It can fit the Intel LGA 115x, 1200, 1366,… which is notable while many other 120mm AIO coolers can not. 

EK 120mm D-RGB AIO Cooler


  • High build quality.

  • Aesthetically satisfying.

  • Vibrant RGB color lighting.

  • Five years of warranty.


  • Not quite cheap.

For those who are searching for a high-quality AIO water cooler at a medium price point, the EK D-RGB is not a bad choice. In addition to its glossy appearance, it supplies unbelievable longevity owing to its strengthened tubing and diamont0cut rotary fittings. 

In terms of performance, the small 120mm radiator is not able to cool the large and powerful systems, but on a small PC build, you will notice the remarkable improvement.

EVGA CLC 120mm AIO Cooler


  • Five years of warranty. 

  • Trustworthy cooling abilities.

  • Top-notch construction quality.

  • Durable.

  • Ultracheap price.


  • No RGB supported. 

  • Plain appearance.

Despite its cheap price, the performance of this EVGA is top-notch. It offers curved fan housing, which is designed to lessen the noise as much as possible. The fan’s bearings are made of Teflon material, which makes the cooler highly hardy and durable. In addition, it possesses a graceful wiring system that keeps your PC build tidy. 

With regard to cooling ability, the EVGA CLC is just analogous to other 120mm coolers. It’s not the most powerful 120mm cooler on the market, but in essence, it still gets the job done.


1. How long do the AIO coolers last? 

AIO coolers’ life expectancy fluctuates from three to seven years. 

2. How often should we change the AIO cooler’s liquid?

As long as there are no sudden leaks, and the pump operates normally, there is no reason to substitute the AIO cooler’s water. 

3. Are AIO coolers equipped with water? 

Yes, they are. They usually come with a water-glycol mixture. You definitely can not open them and substitute the water.

Final Words

To some extent, 120mm coolers may not be ideal for large and powerful PC systems. However, it still offers reasonable performance for keeping the system cool. Hope the best 120mm AIO coolers we’ve just mentioned above are appropriate for everyone. 

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