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Best AMD Mini ITX Motherboards in 2024

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Likely the main thing that you want to be aware of AM4 ITX boards before purchasing is their restricted extension because of their size. Even though the ITX board is loaded with highlights and is enough for by far most clients, some might experience issues while intending to redesign. For instance, even though your memory will run in a double channel, there will be just two openings on the board. In this way, assuming you intend to go to 32GB from 16GB, you'll have to purchase a 2×16 pack and exchange the former one rather than adding only 16GB to your current 16GB if you had four memory openings.

Another drawback is that your board will just have one PCI-e space that will be populated with your designs card. That leaves you with no expandable choices for including cards like catch cards, and so on Yet, fortunately, the vast majority of those arrive in a USB assortment nowadays.

Buying Guide


Something key you want to consider before purchasing is the thing is your utilization case for your SFF PC. That way you'll have the option to pick the greatest aspects to suit your utilization situation. For instance, on the off chance that you want more extra room, search for more SATA/m.2 openings. The equivalent goes for USBs. Assuming you want bounty USB ports, you might need to go with an X570 board for their more extensive network choices.


AM4 ITX motherboards accompany two or three distinct chipsets which offer an alternate arrangement of elements. Assuming that you are building a new framework, we recommend going with X570, B550, or B450 on the off chance that you wouldn't fret not having PCI-e Gen 4.

Contrasted with B550, the X570 chipset offers better IO and normally better VRM's for overclocking. Nonetheless, we suggest most clients go with a B550 board at its cheaper which doesn't forfeit much on highlights.

B450 is a more established chipset that AMD guaranteed would get a BIOS update to help Ryzen 5000 series. Assuming that you choose to go with a B450 board, kindly take a look at the maker's site first for Ryzen 5000 help. The central thing you will be absent with these boards is Gen 4 PCIe.

RAM Slots

A large portion of these boards while perhaps not every one of them will accompany only two RAM openings because of size constraints. The main thing you want to consider concerning your RAM openings is whether your motherboard upholds the memory you intend to purchase and will it work on its maximum frequencies.

Extension Slots

As we referenced before, Mini ITX motherboards accompany a solitary 16X PCI-e space. There might be a couple of mini DTX boards with an extra 1x PCI-e opening over the fundamental 16X yet those are very intriguing and will not be upheld with by far most ITX PC cases.

The spaces that you can get more than one is M.2. These openings are in by far most of the present-day boards simply a contracted down PCIe 4X, made for SSD’s. Some connectors can expand these into full PCIe spaces for including cards however we won't go top to bottom with regards to those.

SATA Ports

While purchasing an AM4 ITX motherboard you can hope to get generally speaking 4 SATA ports. A few boards might accompany more and some can accompany less. We found that the vast majority of the boards accompany 4 SATA 3 openings on normal which is a lot for an SFF framework.

Show Ports

The presentation ports on the IO side of the motherboard are intended for Apus.

APU is a term that AMD utilizes for their processors that component incorporated illustrations. These showcase ports (generally HDMI and Display Port) ought to possibly be utilized if your mini-ITX framework doesn't have a committed GPU.

Extra Features

A few helpful elements that are incredible however not an unquestionable requirement are:

  • The front board USB-C connector
  • CMOS reset switch
  • Profiles update without a CPU (this one can save you a major migraine if matching a more established board with another CPU)
  • Double M.2 spaces
  • WIFI and Bluetooth
  • Over 2 fan headers
  • Before you purchase a motherboard it's critical to think about what are the other parts. For instance, assuming you are wanting to utilize just M.2 stockpiling to lessen link mess, ensure that your motherboard has two M.2 spaces. Additionally, on the off chance that you are intending to run every minute of every day overclock preferably, you'd need to go with a motherboard with a more grounded VRM arrangement.
  • Ensure that the motherboard has sufficient I/O for your utilization case.
  • Fan connectors could be a simple oversight. Ensure the motherboard has enough of them or you can constantly add a fan regulator on the off chance that your case has sufficient room.
  • Look at the VRM's on the off chance that you are wanting to run every minute of every day overclocks.

One of the main benefits of ASUS X570 is its mini DTX size, which is somewhat taller than mini ITX. These motherboards give great effectiveness to the PC framework and the advantage that in any event, being somewhat taller can without much of a stretch fit into any mini ITX case that upholds two-opening realistic cards.

What will astonish you is the limit of this item. It includes a high-level memory plan that might uphold up to 32GB per opening, and that implies with two places, the convenience will be twofold.

It has a packaged extension card. Its advantage is it has a heatsink, which permits two M.2 drives to be associated using the SO-DIMM interface. It controls thermals for the most extreme execution.

The superb component this processor offers is admirable. You can find in it a committed sound card lodging S122O codec, Sonic Studio Virtual Audio Mixer, and DTS Sound Unbound.

Onboard control card adds BIOS Flashback, Clr CMOS, Q-Code, and FlexKey usefulness, improving on firmware access, refreshes, and troubleshooting.

Along these lines, assuming that you're a Ryzen 3000 or 5000 PC developer and extravagant more onboard stockpiling accessibility, a 2.5Gbps regulator, and all comprise of the relative multitude of star highlights you could need, this is an incredible choice.

It comprises an IR VRM regulator and the most recent age Infineon TDA21472 power stage 70A MOSFET, so it empowers clients to fabricate a very strong mini-ITX motherboard.

The high-level plan of this better Motherboard is built than manage the warm choke. There is a better warm arrangement in the Motherboard with a hotness sink with various cuts on it for a similar explanation it doesn't get warmed habitually.

To give prevalent data transfer capacity X570 AORUS series motherboards are made with inbuilt PCle 4.0 openings. These openings are better than the previous ones, and the presentation is rarely restricted.

This Motherboard likewise deals with the warm choke in M.2 SSD gadgets. It gives a warm arrangement solidness remembered, and it is intended to disperse heat before it turns into an issue.

Presently the client can handle LEDs that encompass the Motherboard and can make full energy around them. This Motherboard is worked with full RGB support and an updated RGB combination 2.0 applications to alter LEDs around.

 This Motherboard likewise works with the simple establishment. You don't have to CPU, memory, or designs, or you want to enter the BIOS menu to streak BIOS. You just need to download and save another BIOS record on the blaze drive. After you're done, you want to press a committed Q-streak in addition to fasten, and you're finished.

 Assuming that what you're searching for is an exhibition wrapped inside an amazing, RGB perplexed bundle, then, at that point, look no further. The GIGABYTE X570 I AORUS Pro Wi-Fi checks a large number of boxes to say the very least.

This Motherboard as of now accompanies a PCle 4.0 space for the exhibition support up. It highlights two M.2 spaces where one upholds PCle 4.0 for extra stockpiling limit and the quickest speed conceivable. Both M.2 spaces support up to the sort 2280 attachment and NVM Express RAID for remarkable execution.

The strong plan of ASUS ROG Strix B550-I is made to guarantee that it can handle the most recent AMD CPUs. Alongside the toughness and dependability that it has, it can hold:





Another development highlight that will work with you is the cooling advancement of the ROG Strix B550. It has the most reasonable cooling choices accessible, sped up using Fan Xpert 4 or UEFI BIOS.

It accompanies outside sound blocking programming that upholds USB and Bluetooth gadgets. It is this highlight why gamers like to get it. The sound blocking programming gives an ideal gaming experience as well as a tranquil gaming zone. It offsets generally additional clamors around you and permits you to overwhelm the gaming field in you through and through. Also, it doesn't place a heap on the CPU, so the gaming execution normally supports up.

The restrictive ROG GameFirst VI utility in the ASUS ROG Strix B550-I Gaming gives the player the quickest and smoothest gaming experience.

Incorporated OptiMem II innovation assists the memory with planning the sign pathways across PCB layers to lessen vias, and it likewise adds safeguarding zones that altogether diminish crosstalk.

The advantage of the S210 control chip in ASUS ROG Strix B550-I is that it consequently identifies the sort of gadget associated with it. The port can be utilized with both sort C sound gadgets and standard USB gadgets.

Assuming you're searching for a Strong motherboard that comes to your rack furnished with valuable elements, fantastic form quality, and reasonable, look no further.



  1. Are mini-ITX boards great?

What's more, to go as little as could be expected, mini-ITX motherboards will be your smartest option. More modest structure factor PCs are normally the most ideal for gamers who need a framework that is not difficult to move around (like to take to LAN parties) or for HTPC frameworks.

  1. How are treats represented?

Data Technology EXtended

T. X. (Data Technology EXtended) A group of tiny PC motherboards from VIA Technologies.

  1. Are ITX fabricates great?

Is a mini ITX assemble great for PC gaming? Frequently, individuals imagine that greater is in every case better and that if you need a strong apparatus you can't get it in a little bundle. Indeed, we are glad to say that not exclusively is a mini ITX PC great for gaming however in some utilization cases it can give you a superior gaming experience.

Final Words


Having a little measured, space-saving, and strong PC is very interesting to a lot of clients – not every person needs a behemoth with four designs cards. In such cases, buying a mini-ITX motherboard is basic, particularly to have an apparatus that is semi-compact and that might conceivably squeeze into your knapsack.

The previously mentioned contemplations should assist you with getting a proficient model that will serve you for the years to come – we trust we've been useful and we wish you the best of luck!

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