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The Best Bathroom Faucets of 2024

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Upgrading your faucet to improve the appearance and value of your home doesn't have to be a difficult task because you may replace it without jeopardizing your sink.

A high-quality faucet may improve not only the look of your bathroom but also its functionality. Even better, homeowners willing to spend on a bathroom remodel may typically recuperate at least half of their investment when it comes to selling the home.

In this article, we'll go over several things you should think about before buying a bathroom faucet. They consist of the essential features you believe a bathroom faucet should have. Everything we've said so far will have a significant impact on how you choose and buy the best bathroom faucet.

Top Picks

Here are our top best bathroom faucets that we recommend you to know:

Buying Guide

All the key factors that you should pay attention to when you want to buy for the best bathroom faucets are included in this section.


When it comes to faucet style, you have two choices: conventional or contemporary. Decorative knobs, curved handles, and a spout are common features of traditional faucets. Modern designs are angular and streamlined, with a tendency for minimalism over-elaborate detailing. It's also worth noting that, while conventional faucets can work in modern environments, the opposite isn't always true.

The idea is to keep your plumbing fittings from sticking out like a sore thumb instead of blending in and enhancing their environment.


You'll need to drill between one and three holes in your wall or countertop to install a faucet. Obviously, fewer holes make installation more straightforward, but if you're replacing an existing faucet, you'll probably want to replicate the original setup. It's also a personal choice whether you want one or two handles to control the temperature of the water.


The distance between the mounting holes measures the spread of a faucet. The counter, vanity, or wall are drilled with these holes (in the case of wall-mounted faucets). There is only one hole in the single-handle and vessel faucets (so no spread).

The spread for center-set faucets is four inches. Widespread faucets come in a wider range of sizes, ranging from six to twelve inches. The spread of a wall-mounted faucet varies depending on whether the fixture has one or two handles.


The majority of faucets are constructed of metal, while some lower-cost versions are made of plastic. Consider the style and feel of the faucets you like, and try to strike a balance between your tastes and your budget.


Here are some questions related to best bathroom faucets that we think you might want to check out.

1. What is the perfect way to clean bathroom faucets?

Wipe down with a clean, dry towel on a daily basis.  Use a non-abrasive sponge and a small amount of soapy water to clean once a week to remove the muck. Spray your faucet with a 50/50 combination of white vinegar and water to remove hard water stains.

First, test your finish, and don't let the vinegar linger on the surface for too long. And then clean with warm water and a delicate cloth.

2. When it comes to bathroom faucets, how long should they last?

A faucet should typically last 15 to 20 years, depending on maintenance and regular wear and tear. It's time to replace it if you're having problems with leaks and other issues on a regular basis.

3. Is it better to have a single handle or a double handle faucet?

A two-handle faucet gives you greater control than a single-handle faucet, allowing you to fine-tune the temperature of the water. Furthermore, a two-handle faucet allows you to better manage the water flow rate and independent hot and cold water control. Single handle faucets only require a single hole in the countertop to be cut out.

Final Thoughts

One of the most often utilized fixtures in our houses is the bathroom faucet. It's easy to ignore this essential gadget that controls the flow of water, adjusts the temperature, and keeps us clean, from washing your face in the morning to brushing your teeth at night.



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