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Best Budget Standing Desks in 2024

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Standing desks are considered a new movement in the field of office furniture. The product helps to solve problems related to the health of office workers and improve work efficiency. It sounds unbelievable, but, indeed, the office furniture market has recently changed. Welcomes a new line of standing desks. Let’s find out!

Buying Guide

Standing desks come in many different types, each with its characteristics, uses, and benefits. Currently, people are divided into 3 main types: Standing-Only Desk, Sit-Stand Desk, and Riser/Converter. In which, Sit-Stand Desk is highly appreciated for many outstanding advantages:

Standing-Only Desk:

Standing-Only Desk is a type of fixed desk, requiring users to stand when in use. This type of desk is usually designed to be simple and compact, suitable for some special needs such as product display desks, group meeting desks. This is not a common type because standing all day is not good for users' health. Therefore, you can consider using it in some necessary cases.

Sit-Stand Desk:

Sit-Stand Desk is also known as a height-lifting smart desk. This allows you to change your working position from sitting to standing or vice versa. Sit-Stand Desk is also divided into 2 types: manual or electric adjustment. For manual type, the user must use hand force to turn the desk to help raise and lower the desk. This is quite inconvenient and takes time and effort for users.

In contrast, Sit-Stand Desk uses an electric motor, so it can be adjusted automatically. With the push of a button, the desk will raise and lower the height according to your requirements. This is the most popular standing desk line because of its many advantages and modern features. Flexispot Standing Desk with Memory is a great choice for you with the “led memory control panel” allowing you to set 3 desired desk heights for convenient switching from sitting to standing throughout the day.


This is not a complete standing desk. This is only a part of the desk compared to the two types of desks introduced above. This converter is like a lifting desk, a stand that has the function of raising the communication desk. Your desk-top remains at the same height, with only a few items on the stand being raised. The converter usually has a multi-joint structure, connecting to increase or decrease the height in each step. You can refer to the VIVO 32 inch Desk Converter that we recommend for you.


  1. Is the standing desk really smart?

Standing desks is an interior trend for many modern offices. The desk has a streamlined design with many outstanding benefits compared to conventional desks.

According to ergonomic research, working posture greatly affects the health of workers. Therefore, we need to adjust the sitting posture to the correct body height, computer distance, etc. This prevents body damage after a long time of sitting, studying, working, and entertaining.

  1. Does standing at a desk help improve mood and increase energy when working?

One study found that people who replaced sitting time with standing, for an average of 66 minutes a day for 4 weeks, improved their mood.

With 71 – 87% feeling relaxed and energized, healthier, more focused, and productive.

Interestingly, when returning to the same sitting position, the mood worsened.

  1. How should you stand when using a standing desk?

Time can be split 50 – 50 between standing and sitting. Standing – alternating 30 minutes every hour, thereby, standing for about 4 hours or more a day will be very good for health and body.

As a general rule, don't sit for longer than 20 minutes. However, when your legs feel tired, or you have things to do, sit down.

Stand the computer at eye level, standing perpendicular to the computer with your arm at a 90-degree angle, avoid stoping or leaning on the desk when working.

Final Thoughts

Currently, the market has many different types with many features, models and prices for many groups of customers to choose from. Each type of desk is best for a certain group of customers with certain needs. Therefore, depending on your individual needs, you can completely choose the right standing desk.

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