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Best Drones for Kids in 2024


When choosing toys for kids, a reasonable price is not only one thing we consider but also their safety and applicability. Whether your kid is a budding content creator or a passionate photographer, these best drones for kids can suit him/her well: 

  • Best purchased kid drone: Potensic Upgraded A20 Mini Drone.

  • Best intriguing kid drone: Holy Stone F181W Drone.

  • Best serious toy drone for both older kids and adults: DJI Mini SE – Camera Drone.


1. Potensic Upgraded A20

Although this drone is not especially exceptional, its strain sensor makes it be able to hover without the controller’s help and fly by using the pilot-friendly “headless” mode.

In reality, this means the Potensic A20 can be controlled to fly around a place with just a single handling stick, which makes it a breeze compared to video games. If the kid happens to crash it, there are robust prop guards. 


  • Small and convenient design.

  • Strong guards. 


  • Complex battery socket.

2. Holy Stone F181W

This F181W provides users with a comparatively low-cost route for anyone who keens on handling a flying camera. At a medium price, there are no fancies like steady video, but its airframe boasts a built-in 1080p camera resolution along with a 120-degree scope of view, and it often comes with two batteries offering a reasonable amount of playtime.

Its set-off weight surely will not plague the FAA/CAA. In addition, its speed modes and automatic-hovering ability should be noticed, too.


  • Transfer video back to phone.

  • Case included.

  • Single-key set-off/landing


  • Limited Wi-Fi range.

3. DJI Mini SE

This is not really a toy for kids who really go head over heels for flying a drone and want to play in a serious way. For older children with smartphones or juveniles, this drone boasts identical essential accessories and a flight time just like a professional drone. 

It can record video with a resolution of up to 2.7K and 4000 x 3000 pixels JPEGS photos, then save them into a microSD card. Because its lens is steady, the output far excels other toy drones. This is really a faultless gift for children who are in juvenile ages.


  • Gorgeous video quality.

  • High-quality accessories.


  • A little bit pricey.


1. What age is suitable for a drone? 

Toy drones are mostly suggested for ages eight and greater. Nevertheless, that is just parents’ caution to define what is the best age for their kids to begin learning to fly a drone.

2. Does the drone require a license to be flown? 

Actually, drone licenses do not exist. There is no difference between a commercial operator and a hobbyist. 

3. Can I build a DIY drone? 

Yes, you can. There are a lot of DIY drone kits on the market that contain all the ingredients for a drone. Making your own drone is a fantastic way to learn about its accessories and the way they liaise with each other.

Final Thought

Since all parents want to foster their kids’ creativity as much as possible, choosing a toy drone is a perfect way to stimulate the kids’ minds, make their brains develop to the fullest.
And these best drones for kids are the flawless methods to do that. 


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