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Best Fastest Dot Matrix Printers 2024


A dependable printer is essential for any company that has to print invoices, manuals, reports, or other multi-part documents on a regular basis. It is true whether the firm manufactures, sells, or provides financial services. As a result, the only printers that work well in this environment are those with a Dot matrix printhead. Similar to how a typewriter prints, these printers generate text and images by pushing pins against an ink ribbon. In this article, we compiled a list of the top 3 best Fastest Dot Matrix Printers based on reviews of previous customers and experts to help you choose the most suitable one. 



The MICROLINE 321 printer is lightweight and small, making it ideal for usage in even the busiest work conditions. It includes a slanted control panel with LED buttons on the front that shows what's going on within the printer. The printer has a power port and a parallel connector on the rear that you can use to connect it to your computer. The printer also incorporates a friction-reducing motor, a long-lasting rack and pinion drive system, and an impact-resistant chassis that makes it suitable for harsh situations.


  • Ideal for high-stress situations.

  • For exact alignment, use the optical sensor and the auto-tear feature.

  • Faster printing and input rates because of the more durable print head

  • Constructing a better structure

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2. Oki MICROLINE 420

The Oki MICROLINE 420, like the Oki MICROLINE 320, is designed for use in high-volume situations that require speedier printing, such as finance departments. In terms of printing speeds, the Microline 420 differs somewhat from the Microline 320. When compared to the 320, which can type up to 435 characters per second, the Microline 420 can type up to 570 characters per second in SuperSpeed Draft Mode. The Microline 420 can print between 14 and 17 pages per minute at this pace, making it one of the quickest dot matrix printers on the market.


  • Prints of excellent quality

  • Extremely rapid speeds

  • Closed-loop feedback system with a 400-million character print head

  • Loading by itself


  • Paper jams are uncommon.

3. Epson LQ-590II

Epson, like OKI, is a globally recognized brand known for producing high-quality, cutting-edge printers. The Epson LQ-590II is a relatively new addition to their product line. The Epson LQ-590II-Monochrome printer is designed for busy print situations, with a durable 24-pin connector and a faster USD (ultra-speed draft) speed of 584 characters per second. This makes it perfect for printing large batches of invoices and stock reports in high volume. The printer also has USB and parallel connectivity and can print cut sheets and multi-forms up to 7 pages thick in a matter of seconds. It also has an energy star rating and a simple, elegant control panel that makes it simple to use.


  • Ideal for high-volume workplaces.

  • 5 million ribbon cartridges

  • Print head with 24 pins

  • Simple to use

  • Design that is compact


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1. Which Dot Matrix Printer is the Fastest?

It is the fastest Dot Matrix printer when used for short periods of time. SPRINTER. Short bursts of activity move swiftly. The Epson DFX 9000 is the printer for you if you seldom need to print extensive reports or multi-part forms.

2. What Should I Look for in a Dot Matrix Printer?

To print a large number of pins or wires on paper or another media, an impact is utilized. The most common method for connecting items is to use a row or rows of pins or wires. When pins come into touch with ink-coated ribbon, the ribbon and paper unite to form a little dot on the paper.

Final Thoughts

The high-rated Dot Matrix Printers is OKI MICROLINE 321 thanks to the high quality and affordable price. Besides, other products on this list such as Oki MICROLINE 420 and Epson LQ-590II are also the best options for customers. However, you should consider all your needs and budget carefully to buy the best fastest Dot Matrix Printers for yourself. 


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