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Best Full Size Gaming Keyboards of 2024


Besides TKL or compact keyboards, full-size ones are perfect options for those who gravitate towards a responsive and reliable keyboard. Hence, opting for the best full size gaming keyboards is a need for satisfaction. Understanding this, we have tested a wide range of keyboards and outlined some top choices as follows:

Buying Guide

Consider these following suggestions for the most satisfied options:

Mechanical or Membrane Keyboards

They are factors that you must think of before deciding to pay for a keyboard because this will directly affect your experience on a daily basis. Mechanical keyboards offer a better responsive feeling and more reliability over a membrane ones which is often less expensive and more affordable to most newbies.

You may have a headache to choose between mechanical and membrane keyboards, but there is no doubt that best mechanical keyboards are perfect choices for those who want to game. 

Switch Type

This is the second thing you should take into account when you are on the hunt for a new brand keyboard. There is a whole range of switch types available on the market nowadays. Choosing one from a reputed manufacturer may give you a premium experience such as Cherry – a German company. Types of switches you can make a comparison for the best are red, brown, blue, green, and so on.

Full-size, Compact or TKL (Tenkeyless) Keyboards

These are not of less importance. This criterion depends on how much space you are planning to set a full PC with screens, cases, and keyboards. A full-size one may offer the most full feeling while a compact or TKL might also be a nice option.


Here is another essential aspect to those who just want to look for ones in their budget, but if it is not a big concern for you then a myriad of decent keyboards are open to you.


1. Which keyboard size should I opt for?

The size of a keyboard is definitely the crucial factor. Choosing a full-size keyboard is likely to bring you to full experience on a daily basis, which provides you with an extra Numpad and more functions. In case you do not have large enough space, then a compact or TKL keyboard is the perfect option and you somehow can earn a savings from it. 

2. Are media control functions a great deal regarding a keyboard?

Absolutely. Imagine that you always have to adjust brightness or volume on screens with complicated menus, so how practical the media control keys are.

3. What is the most significant feature when looking for a gaming keyboard?

Controversially, the type of switches is the key aspect if you are considering buying a gaming keyboard. You can find out the most recommended and popular mechanical switch type from Cherry brand, but a vast variety of alternative options are available to offer you an equivalent experience.

4. What is the plus point that mechanical switches can offer?

It can take us ages to talk about the advantages of mechanical switches compared to membrane ones, but in general it is still your personal and favourable choice. The mechanical switches are outstanding because of their superior life span.

Final Thought

During the period of Covid-19 pandemic, working from home is playing a crucial role in sustaining the continuity of workflow. So, keyboards are absolutely a must-have gadget which help you to work for long hours with comfortability and accuracy. Hope that you already have your own choice after reading our recommendations above.

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