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Best Gaming Keyboards under $100 of 2024

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Gaming keyboards are indispensable for both casual and professional gamers. Gamers mention best mechanical keyboards. However, not everyone has the financial capability to buy a costly gaming keyboard.

Fortunately, there are still excellent options for you with a budget of only $100. Although some may not have the special extras that high-priced keyboards make. 

However, its gaming function is still highly respectable. If you are looking for a gaming keyboard within a budget of $100 with the best quality, well-designed, comfortable hand, and great experience for gamers.

Top Picks

Here are our top picks of some best gaming keyboards:

Buying Guide

To purchase a gaming keyboard, you need to consider several factors. Although there are many factors you need to pay attention to, there are 6 most fundamental factors you should consult below.

1. Switch Technology

Cherry Switch: the keystroke force of the keyboard is approximately 45g, this number is relative. Cherry Switch is tailored to most players. The user-selectable benefit is low typing noise.

Black Switch: the keystroke strength of the keyboard is a little higher than Cherry Switch, about 60g. Suitable for many people who type continuously or players who do not have high standards for keyboard.

Blue Switch: An adjustable striking force of about 50 g provides a pleasant playing experience with a good hitting sound and a good bounce.

Brown Switch: for users working in overcrowded locations. The strike power is even lower than the Cherry Switch, so the noise level is extremely low.

2. Size and Design

Size and style influence the aesthetic and comfort of the mechanical keyboard. Therefore, before deciding to purchase a mechanical keyboard, you must decide which keyboard is most suitable.

Gamers need a full-size and full-key gaming keyboard. Plus, designs such as lead strip, color changing keyboard… help create a style and effective support in fighting, role-playing action games…

3. Keyboard Features and Connections

The mechanical keyboard connection port should be considered when choosing to buy both a wireless keyboard and a multi-function keyboard. If you choose a gaming keyboard, you should choose a keyboard with a USB connection. Because in many cases, a wired keyboard will have an advantage in speed and stability when playing games for many hours continuously.

4. Brand

The brand is also an important factor, Corsair mechanical keyboard is known as the professional wired and wireless mechanical keyboard that many gamers desire. The price is a bit high, but the quality is very good. Or more advanced, the Razer brand mechanical keyboard is more appreciated when it has high key sensitivity, comes with a non-aggressive key bounce.

Of course, the price of the Razer keyboard will be slightly higher than the Corsair keyboard. In addition, we also introduce other lines that users can consider before buying mechanical keyboards such as Logitech, Newmen, Mitsumi…


1. What is the difference between a gaming keyboard and a regular keyboard?

Most Gaming Keyboards are mechanical while usual office keyboards are not. Quality Gaming Keyboards have Macro Keys. Gaming Keyboards are meant for long periods of usage, so comfort is a greater priority in gaming keyboards than regular office keyboards.

2. Is a wireless keyboard faster than a wired one?

Although rare, wireless and Bluetooth keyboards can be noisy or slightly slower than wired keyboards. While generally unnoticeable, this can be taboo for professional gamers or anyone who demands absolute precision in their work. If you are simply playing games for fun, this is not a problem for you.

3. Is a wireless keyboard good for gaming?

Wireless gaming keyboards offer the same reliable, high performance as wired gaming keyboards with virtually no lag. Their price tags are higher than their wired siblings, but cutting the cord opens a floodgate of benefits.

4. Are gaming keyboards good for work?

The bottom line. Ultimately a good gaming keyboard can and will be good for work. If you're going down this path, a good strategy is to look at quieter switches and to try to avoid the fastest actuation and linear switches. These are great for gaming but less so for typing on and more prone to mistakes.

Final Words

Above are the criteria to help you choose a mechanical keyboard, and some of the most popular types of mechanical keyboards under $ 100 today for your reference.

The products have different advantages and disadvantages, but all can satisfy the needs of most gamers, so don't get too caught up in the little details. I hope you can choose the right keyboard for you through this article. If you really can't find the right product for you, you can consider looking for products in the higher-end segment.

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