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Best Gen 4 SSDs of 2024

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The new Gen 4 SSDs have arrived. They have good performance, are not at their full potential, and are still not cheap enough. However, gen 4 SSDs are still hot picks to build a future-proof gaming PC, whether with AMD or Intel CPU. Here are some options for the best gen 4 SSDs:


1. Sabrent 1TB Rocket NVMe 4.0 Gen4

The Sabrent 1TB Rocket NVMe 4.0 Gen4 is a version of different capacity you can choose from 500GB to 2TB. These are the budget choice for those who want to experience the new gen 4 NVMe SSDs. 

The Sabrent gen 4 SSDs are cheap but quite powerful. Their TBW endurance might be less than some other brands, but they are much cheaper. Do the math and make the purchase.


  • Different capacity for budget choices from 500GB to 2TB.

  • Fast read and write speed for a Gen 4 SSD.

  • Very affordable price.

  • Aluminum heatsink for better heat control.


  • None.

2. Corsair Force Series MP600 Gen4 PCIe X4 NVMe M.2 SSD

If you have the cash to throw, complete your build with a masterpiece: the Corsair Force Series MP600 Gen4 PCIe SSD. The SSD has a great build and performance that can satisfy any difficult customer.

The SSD delivers up to 4,950MB/s sequential read and 4,250MB/s sequential write speeds, supporting you to finish heavy tasks in no time.

The compact design of the SSD only can fit all types of devices with a 2280 M.2 slot. However, you will need extra space for the heatsink to maximize the SSD performance.


  • Different capacity from 240GB to 8000GB.

  • Extremely fast read and write speed: up to 4,950MB/s sequential read and 4,250MB/s sequential write speeds.

  • Works in PC, PS5, etc.

  • Aluminum heatsink for better heat control.

  • 5 year warranty and 850TBW for 500GB version.


  • Less performance if connects to a Gen 3 NVMe slot.

  • It takes time for all programs to work properly with gen 4 NVMe SSDs.

3. Samsung 980 PRO SSD 1TB PCIe 4.0


  • Different capacity from 250GB to 2000GB.

  • Extremely fast read and write speed: up to 7000MB/s sequential read and 5000MB/s sequential write speeds.

  • backward compatible with PCIe 3.0.

  • Avaiable two versions with/without aluminum heatsink for better heat control.

  • Good for value.


  • Hardware encryption does not work properly on all devices.


1. Is PCIe Gen 4 worth it?

The short answer is Yes. It provides more speed for gen 4 SSDs and GPUs.

2. Does PCIe 4 matter for gaming?

The current answer is No, but it might change shortly. You can have better performance on your SSD and GPU on gen 4 PCIe slot, not much though. 

3. What is PCIe 4 good for?

PCIe 4 let your SSD and GPU run at their maximum potential. However, the software and game might be the problem when they can not use all the hardware power to increase performance of the tasks and game.

Final Thought

Gen 4 SSDs are faster than the older SSDs. However, they are more expensive, generate more heat and still not able to work at maximum performance due to the driver and hardware compatibility. If you have budget to throw to future proof your gaming PC, pick one of the best gen 4 SSDs above. If you have to stretch your budget to get one, then stick with the NVMe gen 3 or SATA 3 SSD you have.

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