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Best Health Smartwatches in 2024

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Due to the demands of tracking health status frequently, the health recording functions on the best smartwatches are getting advanced every day. Now, you can check ECG, estimate your oxygen saturation levels, reckon the stress level, etc on these best health smartwatches:


Apple Watch Series 6


  • Always-on screen exhibition.

  • FDA Approved ECG technology.

  • Discernment of unusual heart rate.

  • Automatic workout observation.


  • Low battery capacity.

  • No blood pressure measurement.

You can monitor the blood oxygen on this smartwatch, which tells the blood saturation volume (SpO2). It describes details about the oxygen brought by the red blood cells all around the body.

Also, it points out how well the oxygenated blood is circulated to the user’s body. Apple utilizes green, red, and infrared LEDs with some photodiodes on the rear. This arrangement helps evaluate the blood oxygen saturation volumes. Also, it can estimate the amount of light bounced back from the user’s blood.

There are also some special functions like sleep recording, atrial fibrillation, fall discernment, and some more.

Samsung Electronics Galaxy Watch 4


  • Elegant, excellent design.

  • Lots of health and fitness tracking functions.

  • Water-proof up to 50 meters. 


  • Quite pricey.

This Samsung smartwatch boasts an always-on screen, which makes it a breeze to observe the heart rate and other health and fitness recording data. There is also SpO2 documentation along with the assistance of the Advanced blood oxygen sensor.

Samsung has appended a new sensor named BIA on this version for tracking body structure. It tells you worthy data about fat percentage, bone, muscle mass,… This supports positively for those who are losing weight. 

This new version is one of the few smartwatches that can gauge blood pressure. Stress and sleep tracking are also superb attributes of this smartwatch.

Fitbit Sense Advanced Watch


  • On-hand GPS system.

  • Seven days of battery capacity.

  • Swimming recording.


  • Some functions need Fitbit premium to utilize.

This smartwatch comes with a sophisticated stress recording and skin temperature evaluation that is not available on others. The most intriguing one is the advanced stress observing which utilizes an EDA sensor, which discovers sweat volumes on the user’s palm to discern stress levels. Sleep and heart rate are also factors contributing to it. 

Another superior function is overall sleep score and a clever alarm to wake users up.



1. Do smartwatches require the Internet to operate?

With Internet access, smartwatches offer an entire world of special abilities, like message notifications, GPS navigation systems, as well as date-time synchronization.

2. Do I have to keep the smartwatch’s Bluetooth on? 

We suggest leaving the Bluetooth always ON if you want to have a glossy and faultless user experience provided by any smart appliance.

3. How far can a smartwatch stay away from a phone?

The scope of the wireless Bluetooth access between phone and smartwatch relies on the specific environment. Overall, there should be within ten meters of connectivity.

Final Words

Health issues have been a widespread concern of most people nowadays. With a lot of extraordinary health-tracking characteristics that these best health smartwatches can bring, why don’t you buy one to protect yourself?

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