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Best Keyboards for Tablets of 2024

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If you are an officer who always works with documents, folders, then a tablet keyboard may be an indispensable accessory. Aside from making your typing convenient, it also helps beautify your tablets. We’ve selected some best keyboards for tablets that support any operating system: 

  • Best purchased tablet keyboard: Arteck HB030B Universal Slim Portable Wireless.

  • Best compact tablet keyboard: Logitech K380 Multi-Device Bluetooth Keyboard.

  • Best unique tablet keyboard: Fosmon Mini Bluetooth Keyboard.


1. Arteck HB030B Wireless Keyboard

The Arteck HB030B possesses a refillable lithium battery that can supply six months of utilization out of a single charge, supposing approximately two hours of daily use. Its LED backlight supports positively when used at night, users can change among seven colors. This keyboard supports a great number of widespread operating systems.

By contrast, there are some drawbacks. As there is no USB port, you can not plug in mice or extra accessories.


  • 6 months per one charge. 

  • 7 colors of the backlight. 

  • Various compatibility.


  • Quite noisy when typing.

  • Can not check the battery percentage.

2. Logitech K380 Multi-Device Bluetooth Keyboard

The Logitech K380 has a minimal design with a view to enhancing battery life, which means users can use it for up to two years before recharging. There is also a swap button that lets users change among the three connected devices, getting rid of the inconvenience of reconnecting via Bluetooth.

This keyboard comes in two simple colors but does not include backlighting. Therefore, typing in the darkroom may be troublesome.


  • 2 years of battery life.

  • Incorporation with Logitech’s mice appliances. 

  • The special button immediately switches among connected appliances.


  • Only one year of warranty.

  • No lighting.

3. Fosmon Mini Bluetooth Keyboard

This Fosmon keyboard is an immensely cramped product, appearing at around the analogous size of a usual smartphone and weighing just approximately 200 grams, along with a built-in touchpad and an instant integration with most widespread operating systems, not except gaming consoles.

A lifetime limited warranty offered by its manufacturer and a backlight accelerate its applicability. On account of the super-small appearance, you can easily bring it with you anywhere. 

By contrast, a small keyboard may not be too convenient when typing.


  • Backlight included.

  • Lifetime warranty.

  • Touchpad built-in support.


  • Cramped design, not appropriate for everybody.

  • Short battery life, about 10 days. 


1. What types of keyboards can be connected to smartphones and tablets?

Bluetooth keyboards often support any device like Android tablets (such as Samsung tablets), iPads, macOS, Windows, and Linux.

2. How to connect a keyboard to a tablet? 

You can connect them together by just utilizing either a USB port or Bluetooth. However, USBs only work with a few tablets so Bluetooth is the most widespread.

3. How to fix the problem that my keyboard does not work on my tablet?

Let’s clear the cache of the keyboard application you are utilizing. And if it can not tackle the problem, remove completely the app’s data.

Final Thought

With the emergence of tablets and tablet keyboards, users now can utilize them just like a real laptop. If you suffer from typing too much on a touch screen, then here come the best keyboards for tablets. Let’s buy one for today!

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