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Best M.2 SSDs for Gaming in 2024

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When it comes to the best SSD, we can see that upgrading the hard drive is necessary, using the M2 SSD hard drive for our computer will improve the efficiency of using the computer. Especially for gamers, a hard drive like the standard M2 SSD is the necessary hard drive to support the most effective gaming. Here are the 3 best M.2 SSDs for gaming:

Reviews of Best M.2 SSDs for gaming

Adata XPG SX 8200 Pro

If you are looking for a hard drive for long-term use, the Adata XPG SX 8200 Pro will be the right choice. It has very high read/write speeds compared to competitors like the WD Black SN750 and Samsung 970 EVO Plus. But it is more prominent by its outstanding durability, the use time can reach 2,500,000 hours.

One downside is that the Adata XPG SX 8200 Pro has a lower random access speed than the SN750 and 970 EVO Plus, only half that of the two competitors above. But if you are just a regular user, with a need to play games, this will not affect your experience.


  • High performance and durability.

  • Good power efficiency.

  • Hard drives with large capacities are relatively cheap compared to other brands.

  • Five-year warranty.



Samsung 970 EVO Plus

The Samsung 970 EVO Plus has the fastest sequential read/write speeds of any PCIe 3.0 M.2 SSD on the market today, making it a strong contender for the best-in-class M.2 SSD. Its random-access memory is also the fastest among PCIe 3.0 hard drives.


  • The fastest M.2 PCIe 3.0 SSD.

  • High-performance 96-layer V-NAND Technology.

  • Low latency.

  • Easy-to-use with lots of features.

  • Five-year warranty



WD Black SN750 NVMe

If you're looking for an SSD that balances performance, durability, and price, the WD Black SN750 NVMe is the perfect choice. Overall, it has excellent performance, with fast sequential read/write speeds, although not as fast as the Samsung 970 EVO Plus it has a significantly higher random-access memory than the XPG SX 8200 while slightly low compared to the speed of the 970 EVO Plus.

In terms of durability, it is capable of using 1,750,000 hours. And pay attention to choosing a hard drive with 500GB or more to have a built-in heat sink, this will make your SSD more durable.


  • Great performance and durability, only heatsinks at 500GB or more.

  • Impressive random read/write speeds.

  • Built-in cooling.

  • Multiple capacity options.



1. Should SSDs be used to store data?

Should use SSD hard drive to store the operating system, software or data that you regularly use, instead of storing data that is rarely used with large capacity such as (photos, videos, etc). Because the access speed and operation of SSD hard drive will be affected for data that needs to be processed frequently.

2. Should I use HDDs or SSDs?


  • Users want to save a lot of multimedia files such as photos, videos, etc.

  • Graphic designers must install large image editing software.

  • Users with a limited budget.


  • People who travel frequently will benefit from the fast performance of an SSD.

  • Musician: The high-speed and quiet running of an SSD is better than a noisy HDD.

  • Gamers: Gamers need a fast-loading system that only SSD can give them.

3. What should I pay attention to when buying an M2 standard SSD?

Depending on your needs, you should also note that the M2 SSD hard drive will have 3 different memory formats, suitable for different levels of work performance, including SLC, MLC, and TLC.

Although the quality is good, the high price also allows counterfeit M2 SSDs to enter the market, replacing genuine M2 SSDs. And of course, "you get what you pay for", these fake products do not give high results, even though they are fully guaranteed as promised by the seller.

Final Words

SSD M.2 gives users many outstanding advantages, especially in terms of processing speed and compact size of this generation of SSD hard drives. Therefore, thanks to such outstanding features, today, many laptop models, as well as users, have been more active in equipping themselves with an M.2 SSD, which also makes the M.2 SSD gradually become more popular in the market.

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