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Best Micro SD Cards for Switch in 2024


The best micro SD cards for Switch enable you to store plenty of games on your console. And coming down to the capacity you choose, you can build up the storage on your Nintendo Switch from the current 32GB (or 64GB on the OLED version) of internal storage to up to 2TB:


SanDisk 64GB microSDXC UHS-I card


  • Approved by Nintendo itself.

  • Smooth installation.


  • Limited storage capacity options.

There will be nothing more prestigious than Nintendo’s seal of acceptance to put your mind at peace. Sandisk has been a widespread memory card manufacturer on the market in recent years, and these top-notch products have a read speed of up to 100 Mbps for rapid loading. 

If you are drawn to Nintendo’s branding, these models also come with a Triforce (for the 64GB model) or mushroom design (for the 128GB model). Of course, you can’t see the design when it’s inside the console. However, in terms of authenticity, the Nintendo brand is a striking option.

Kingston 64GB SDCS/64GBSP


  • Great value and performance for the price.

  • High-quality brand.


  • Lightly slow speed.

Although Kingston is not a brand officially certified by Nintendo, it is still a prominent brand in the memory card market. The Kingston’s 128GB microSD card comes with a few pennies less per storage than its Sandisk peer. 

You may get a comparatively slow load speed of 80 Mbps, but that’s still marvelous within Nintendo’s SD card instructions. And there are also many options to choose from, ranging from 16GB to 256GB. If speed is not your utmost concern, Kingston is an ideal choice.

SanDisk 400GB Ultra microSDXC UHS-I


  • Gigantic storage capacity.


  • May not be long-lasting.

400GB is not an ordinary capacity you can imagine on a microSD card, but it really happens on the SanDisk model. Therefore, we believe it will not be completely filled in a hurry. 

Technically, you can get a 512GB version, but there will be a big boost in price just for a slight enrichment in storage capacity.

So, we suggest picking the 400GB version for now. To conclude, when it comes to tremendously expanding your Switch console’s storage, SanDisk is a faultless option to beat.


1. Why do I need an extra microSD card for my Nintendo Switch?

If you are going to play hardcore games like “Breath of the Wild”, so yes, a microSD card is ideal because those games can consume up to more than 10 GB each.

2. What elements make them suitable for Switch?

Aside from matching the required speed and being optimized for the Switch impeccably, they have a long warranty of up to 30 years.

3. How many games can a 64GB microSD card hold?
A 64GB microSD card can hold up to 15-20 games, including slight and hardcore games.

Final Thoughts

For those attracted to hardcore and indie gaming titles on the console, a microSD card is an indispensable accessory to extend the console’s repository. Let’s go for the best micro SD cards for Switch now.

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