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The Best Ninja Air Fryers of 2024


Oven-style fryers are perfect for cooking nourishment on various racks and regularly include rotisserie embellishments. Toaster broiler styles can toast, heat, broil, and more in expansion to discuss sear. Air fryers produce a fantastic "fried" finish that other ovens can't beat, and they also reheat meals better than the ordinary microwave. 

Top Picks

Here are some best air fryers from Ninja brand that we highly recommend you to check out: 

Buying Guide

When buying for air fryers, there are some factors that you should know if you want to choose the suitable product for your kitchen. In this section, we have prepared everything that you need to know, consider checking our buying guide carefully.

1. Air Fryer Type

There are four sorts of air fryers by and large – basket, oven, grill, and the pressure cooker that also serve as an air fryer. 

The traditional design, in our opinion, outperforms all others by a substantial margin. The drawer kind, as previously said, is safer and more convenient to use. To turn the ingredients, remove the drawer, shake it off, or keep it somewhere safe.

You won't obtain that crucial function with any other form of the air fryer. However, a grill air fryer, an oven air fryer, or a pressure cooker air fryer may be used in specific situations if you wish to conserve counter space by replacing various kitchen appliances.

2. Size

The available space determines the size. If you get a hefty air fryer, it should be able to stay on your counter. Otherwise, bringing it out again and over will be inconvenient.

Even though many of these appliances have a large footprint, they may wind up freeing up some kitchen space. For example, with the Ninja OL701 Foodi SMART XL, you'll be able to supplant your moderate cooker, standalone steamer, etc. (on the off chance that any). And of course, you get the air fryer within the same machine.

However, if you don't have enough room, the Ninja AF101 Air Fryer will be your best option.

3. Maintenance

After each usage, you'll need to wash the pan and basket. Some ought to be hand-washed, whereas others are dishwasher-proof. (Most parts of the machine should be wiped with a cloth.)

However, most of the air fryer adornments are nonstick and dishwasher secure, and the rest of the unit, as it were, requires straightforward wiping. In this way, cleaning isn't that enormous of a bargain with any Ninja Air Fryers.

4. Shaking

With most air fryers, you would like to shake your chips midway through cooking (or more regularly in case you need to see how they are getting on). A few fryers have intelligent gadgets built in to turn the nourishment for you. Once more, these tend to be the more costly models, but if you want to walk off and leave your supper to cook itself, this might be a point to consider.

5. Transparent Lid

A few models have a see-through cover, so you'll look in and check your chips are browning well. With others, you have to open the wicker container to check, halting the machine. The transparent ones tend to be a feature on more costly devices, so you wish to choose how critical typically to you.


The most asked questions can always give you some more information about the product that you want to buy. So why don't we dive in and find out more in this section?

1. How do the air fryers work?

Most air fryers have a concentrated heat source on the top that is connected to a large fan that circulates the hot air. This design and other features like using perforated trays for enhanced airflow and a small-capacity chamber for a high-heat environment lead food to cook quicker. 

According to our research, recipe creation, and home usage, most foods are cooked best at high temperatures, such as 400ºF, for short periods. Small food items do not ordinarily have to be hurled or flipper, but bigger ones do for the maximum results.

2. How to select the best air fryers for the family? 

When shopping for air fryers, the major critical highlight to consider is the measure: how numerous individuals are you cooking for at one time? Small size one is ideal for one or two individuals,  whereas a more significant estimate works superior for three or more.

Another thing to consider is the style: basket-style air fryers are great for minor amounts and nourishments that are simple to shake, like fries and veggies; air fryer broilers are a bit greater and can discuss sear nourishment on multiple shelves, but they require more observing and frequently have to be turned amid cooking; air fryer toaster broilers can perform numerous cooking capacities, including air fry.

Cost plays a part as well: Digital air fryers are more expensive than mechanical air fryers, while stainless steel air fryers are more expensive than plastic air fryers. 

3. Do I need to preheat my Ninja air fryer?

Preheating is required for the majority of Ninja air fryers. Preheat time for the oven-type is 90 seconds, while the basket-type, such as the Ninja DZ201 air fryer, takes roughly 3 minutes. The dehydration mode is the only function that does not need preheating.

Final Words

Crispy fried food tastes great, but it's high in fat that's highly bad for you. Nowadays, everyone is concerned about maintaining a healthy weight and not wanting to give up all of their favorite meals. Cooking with the best Ninja air fryers has become fashionable.

Switching from a deep fryer to an air fryer is a good idea. Maintaining a healthy weight can protect your body from a variety of ailments. We are responsible for our health and should take care of it.

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