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Best Percale Sheets of 2024

Best Pole Saws of 2024


"Plain weave" is another name for it. Percale is also used to make men's formal shirts, in addition to sheets. Percale sheets are often made of cotton, although this weave may also be utilized with other textiles including polyester and bamboo rayon.This guide to the best percale sheets will teach you all you need to know about this sort of bedding, including how it's made and weaved, what to anticipate in terms of pricing, the benefits and drawbacks, and the distinctions between percale and other weave types.

Top Picks

First, take a look at our top pick for the best percale sheets on the market.

Buying Guide

Here is all the key factors of percale sheets that you should know if you want to buy for the best products.


Fitted sheets might not fit all beds. Before you go out shopping for new sheets, make sure you know how deep your mattress is so you should double-check that the suited sheet will fit.


The cost of a percale sheet set ranges from $70 to $150. You might be able to get a good set for less money, but most of these products are made of fabric mixes rather than pure cotton. A premium sheet set, on either side, can easily cost $500 or more. Items made from Egyptian cotton, Pima cotton, and other greater materials are among them.


This is merely a cosmetic aspect, yet it is nonetheless essential to many buyers. Percale sheets come in a variety of patterns and colors, including neutral and earth tones, vivid colors, and multi-colored patterns. Certain colors and designs, such as "limited edition" models, may need a higher price depending on the brand.


Cotton percale has a longer lifespan than percale made from other fibers. The material will, however, degrade over time. Pilling is a frequent indicator of wear that appears as little lumps of cotton on the fabric's surface. As your sheet set ages, you may see rips and tears appearing, as well as the elasticated corners of the fitted sheet losing some of their flexibility.


Here are some questions that related to percale sheets. You should check them out to have more information about this type of sheet.

1. How can I clean my percale sheets?

Percale sheets could be cleaned in either cold or warm water without using fabric softeners or chlorine bleach, which can degrade cotton fibers over time. Percale cotton sheets should be dried on a low heat setting and removed as soon as possible after the cycle is completed. To assist avoid wrinkles, fold or lay them out throughout your bed as soon as possible.

2. What exactly is percale?

Percale is a breezy, crisp fabric made from a basic criss-cross (one thread above, one thread beneath) weave. Percale sheets are firmer, almost linen-like, than cotton sateen or silk sheets, and they keep you cool even during the warmest months of the year.


In this the end of our buying guide for the best percale sheets. We hope that after reading this article, you know what factors you should pay attention when choosing for the sheet. And also, if you still don't have a clue about what product you should buy for  your bedroom, then check out our top picks. It might have your dream product there.

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