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Best Pole Saws of 2024

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The pole saw is an excellent tool for pruning small trees and is very easy to use. Furthermore, the pole saw is safer than climbing a tree with a chainsaw because of its lower size. A pole saw increases your reach to as much as 16 feet above the ground, allowing you to cut nearly anything overhead quickly, whether you're short or tall. With the pole saw, you don't need a ladder to reach tree branches and overgrown plants.

A chainsaw and a pole saw are sometimes combined into one piece of equipment. As a consequence, you may detach the chainsaw from the pole and use it on the ground to cut wood.

Pruning tree branches and huge bushes from a distance is done with a pole saw. It enables you to reach higher branches while remaining stable on firm ground. Hedge trimming can also be done using the pole saw. After trimming a tree, a pole saw that can be converted to a chainsaw can be used to chop logs into smaller pieces.

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What to consider when selecting the best pole saws :

  • Power

Gas-powered pole saws should be used for heavy-duty operations since their engines may readily tear through branches. If you have to labor for lengthy periods, electric pole saws are preferable to battery-powered pole saws.

  • Pole Reach 

Pole saws must have an extendable pole that may be reduced for cutting smaller branches and extended for cutting bigger branches. This option gives you more flexibility and is definitely worth the money. The longer the pole, the heavier it becomes. Long poles aren't a must-have because they can be expensive. Most gas-powered pole saws, on the other hand, have longer poles that are ideal for cutting down taller trees.

  • Power Source 

There are gas, electric, and battery-powered pole choices, like with other power tools. Professional landscapers choose gas-powered pole saws due to their robust engines and excellent cutting power. They are, however, loud and generate pollutants that most people avoid. Electric pole saws are corded, which means you'll be linked to a power outlet for an unending supply of electricity. It uses no gas and generates no emissions, but it only has a moderate power supply and is only adequate for average-sized yards. These variants are ideal if you just require one or two limbs every two months. Finally, cordless rechargeable battery pole saws are powered by lithium-ion batteries, which are lightweight and simple to maintain. The only drawback is that when your battery runs out, work comes to a halt, and it takes about an hour to recharge.

  • Weight

Gas pole saws are often heavier than the other two forms of powered pole saws. If you're looking for a portable solution, consider electric or battery-powered models. This lessens tension on your hands, allowing you to work for longer periods.

  • Upkeep

If you want to buy gas-powered pole saws, you'll need to set aside money for maintenance and gas. Electric and battery-powered pole saws are less expensive to maintain because they do not require fuel. All you'll need to keep them running is a steady supply of oil and power.

  • Warranty

The longer the warranty, the greater the quality of the goods. Pole saws often have a 2 to 3-year guarantee, which is long enough to identify any flaws and return them. A dependable customer support department that is available for queries and other inquiries is also a plus.


Here are some questions that many customers asked. We think that reading these questions will give you more information about the best pole saw.

1. What is a pole saw ?

A pole saw is a pole with a saw on one end. It may be operated manually or by gasoline, battery, or electricity. Pole saws and pole pruners are not the same things. Pole pruners are equipped with loppers at the end of the pole.

2. How does a pole saw work?

They're utilized to get rid of thick branches and vines that can't be reached from the ground. Pole saws powered by gasoline (2-stroke engines) use a mixture of gasoline and oil to operate. One or two cable pulls should be used to start the saw. On electric and battery-powered pole saws, a simple push of a button starts the engine.


Before making a final decision, think about your budget, location, and the level of care you're willing to provide. However, we recommend that you begin with our list of recommendations. We compiled a list of pole saws and found that the Greenworks 20672 8.5' 40V Cordless Pole Saw is the best option. In any event, its wide range of applications can be quite beneficial. We promise you will not be disappointed.+

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