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Best Portable Printers in 2024

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The best portable printers can instantly transfer your images from your phone to the reality. You receive an incredibly quick, physical record to share with others — it's like having a rangefinder camera, but now with your normal phone webcam and the capacity to process as many duplicates as you would like.

  • Best overall: HP OfficeJet 250.

  • Best budget: Canon Pixma TR150.

  • Best for mobility: Brother PocketJet 773.


1. HP OfficeJet 250 All-in-One Portable Printer with Wireless & Mobile Printing, Works with Alexa (CZ992A)

This HP OfficeJet 250 optimizes what you could do on the road by providing fast photocopying and scanning, as well as fast print speeds—all while maintaining good picture quality. This portable printer is a bit on the pricier side, but it packs a lot of functionality and features into a small package. The most obvious benefit is a huge, 2.6-inch color touch screen that makes operating simple.

A compact, 10-page automated feeder for photocopying and scanning is much better. This is the only portable printer we've reviewed that can copy and scan, but because it doesn't have a flatbed scanner, it scans and copies material through the printer's body. Scans weren't always quite clean, and the sheet path's 60-degree bend made us afraid that it would damage my images. However, having mobile scanning and copying capabilities is certainly worth the trade-offs.

At 9 pages per minute, the OfficeJet 250 printed text swiftly from a PC. Text written at 7 ppm on battery power. In addition, the OfficeJet 250 printed our six-page PDF containing text and color graphics in 1:57, compared to the industry average of 2:27. Photo printing was also lightning fast. At normal settings, a 4 x 6-inch beautiful photo printed in 37.6 seconds, while at high-quality settings, it took little under 50 secs.


  • Periodic document feeder.

  • Fast printing, scanning & copying.

  • High-yield cartridge lowers color sheet expenses.

  • Wireless print from laptop & mobile devices.

  • Durable & compact.


  • Slightly large & heavy.

2. Canon Pixma TR150 Wireless Mobile Printer With Airprint And Cloud Compatible, Black

The Canon Pixma TR150, a lightweight inkjet that's able to fit in a knapsack but yet provides outstanding documentation and photo printing, is one of our favorite portable printers. The Pixma TR150 is a good choice for portable printing because it has a two-cartridge ink system and can print textual content, graphics, and even glossy images. It doesn't have copy or scan capabilities, but at $199, it's a wonderful bargain.

The Canon Pixma TR150 is among the most versatile and travel-friendly printers available, weighing less than the HP OfficeJet 250 and offering a more affordable print-only option. When enclosed, it measures 12.7 x 7.3 x 2.6 inches and weighs about 4.5 pounds – or 5.1 pounds with an extra battery affixed. If you don't require a card reader, it expands up to a bigger size with a 50-page document feeder, a simple control panel, as well as plenty of interconnectivity.


  • Low ink costs.

  • Stunning photo prints.

  • Optional battery pack.

  • Versatile & lightweight.

  • 1.44-inch OLED display.


  • Monochrome OLED display.

3. Brother PocketJet PJ773 Direct Thermal Printer – Monochrome – Portable – Plain Paper Print

In a small package, the Brother PocketJet 773 provides a simple way to print files. In this evaluation, it's the lightest printer. It prints only in black and white and requires special thermoelectric paper instead of ordinary card stock because it is a direct thermal printer. It is not compatible with photo papers. You don't have to worry about running out of ink because it doesn't require a toner cartridge.

The PocketJet 773 operates with roll paper and fan-folded material, as well as individual pages, and is designed to work in environments such as a police patrol car. Durable enclosures for roll and fanfold material, and also a spark plugs connector, are included as freebies.

This small temperature printer has a premium price tag. The PocketJet 773, on the other hand, is a wonderful step to begin if you need a durable and inconspicuous printer to generate sensitive papers on the move without risk of going out of ink.


  • Compact & rugged construction.

  • Works with continuous paper stacks.

  • Various accessory options.

  • Great addition to stencil application.

  • Comes out perfectly from mobile devices.


  • Limited to black-and-white printing.


1. Is a portable printer worth it?

Portable picture printers are highly valuable because they are small, compact, and capable of doing nearly all of the duties that large printers can. Portable photo printers are available from all reputable companies and are utilized by a huge number of people.

2. Can I use a wireless printer without the Internet?

Wi-Fi-enabled scanners can be used normally even if Web connectivity is absent, as long as the gateway and wireless converters on the system are operational.

3. What is an LED laser printer?

An LED printer, like ink cartridges, is a form of computer printing press. Instead of the beam used in laser printers and, more broadly, in the xerography process, this multifunction printer uses a light-emitting led array as a heat beam in the nozzle.

Final Thought

We rely on the printer's cordless and rechargeable functions to test versatility. We set up a wireless network and assess how easy it is to connect on the fly. We also use Wi-Fi Direct to print from a notebook and a smartphone, comparing efficiency to wired and outlet-powered printing to select the best portable printers for you.

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