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Best Power Supplies for Mining of 2024

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Cryptocurrency mining has gradually become widespread day by day in 2022. Therefore, people’s demands to buy a strong enough power supply unit (PSU) have also built up.

The list below are the best power supplies for mining that we have investigated: 

Buying Guide

If you’ve decided to mine coins with your PC, then you need a strong and powerful power supply unit to retain the current flow to your graphic cards. When assessing whether the power supply you are going to buy is good or not, think about the following requirements:

  • Pick the one whose capacity is 2x higher than your demand. Frequently, you’ll use at around 50 – 60% of the capacity.

  • Then you should ponder the physical size of the unit. Typical ATX form seems to be fine for most computers today. There are also other small forms like SFX, CFX, and more, so make sure the PSU will fit with your case, regardless of how small your PC is.

  • 80 PLUS Gold or Cybernetics Gold for more efficient performance. The 80 plus system is the proportion used to appraise the power supply unit based on its efficiency and reliability.

  • Less than 50 millivolts ripple at plus 12 volts under full load at extended operating temperatures (more than 40 degrees).

  • Utilize a high-quality fan that is equipped with FDB or Rifle bearing. Magnetic or ball bearings are the best. 

  • Sufficient six plus two pin PCIe connectors to control the graphic cards that you are going to use. 

  • Sufficient 4-pin SATA or Molex connectors for the PCIe riser cards that your PC will use. 

  • All cables should utilize 18AWG wires at the maximum (shorter is better). For PCIe cables, 16-gauge wires are fantastic. 

  • It should support vital protection attributes like SCP, OPP, and even over-heat protection. 

  • More than 12 milliseconds hold-up time (17 or greater is flawless) with an exact power-good signal. The power-good signal should have a 1ms delay at the minimum. 

  • Comprehensive EMI refining stage, consisting of basic elements: 4x Y caps, 2x X caps, a metal-oxide varistor (MOV) and 2 common-mode (CM) choke. Along with that comes the invasion current defense. 

  • Faultless build quality, including good MOSFET and immense bulk/filtering capacitors.

Moreover, a power supply system for mining can run nearly 20 graphic cards at a maximum. There usually should be 8 GPUs for one system, or 13. Each GPU is between 200 and 400W, so the wattage supplied for each of them is at least 1200W. If the number of PSUs is too many, there ought to be a remedy that integrates multiple PSUs for one system.

Although it is not mandatory, it’s great to purchase a power supply with a minimum two-year warranty to ensure that your investment is worthwhile. 


1. Can I use more than one power supply unit for mining?

Yes, you can. Just remember to connect multiple PSUs to one mining rig. If your rig happens to need a 1600W PSU, you can substitute by using two 800W PSU on the same rig.

2. Which type of hard drive is suitable for mining?

If you are going to use Windows 10, either SSD or HDD will do the trick. We highly recommend a 120GB SSD because they are not expensive now. 

3. How much energy does the mining consume?

For beginners, graphic cards work the entire day, which consumes more power than surfing the internet. A rig with 3 GPUs can swallow up to more than 1000w when it’s operating.

Final Thought

Since cryptocurrency mining tends to develop at a fast speed, having a perfect power supply unit contributes not only to the performance but also to productivity. Hope these shopping tips can help you purchase the best power supplies for mining.

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