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Best Range Hoods

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The smoke, aromas, and grease produced by cooking will remain in your kitchen without a range hood, resulting in unpleasant scents and poor air quality. A range hood installed above your stovetop can help. A range hood collects oil, moisture, and heat from the kitchen and either filters and recirculates it or vents it outside. The greatest range hoods increase ventilation and keep the air clean in the kitchen.

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Top Picks

In this section we gladly to show you our best top picks about the best range hoods. Consider these products, you may find what you need here.

 Our best ductless range hoods will also give you a great experience.

Buying Guide

When buying a range hood, you’ll first need to consider many factors including types, materials, styles, and so on. Range hoods can be mounted to the wall in your kitchen or underneath cabinets. Moreover, you may wonder between a ducted or duct-free model to choose.

In fact, ducted range hoods work more efficiently, but they require ductwork to be installed in your kitchen. Or else you can go for a convertible range hood that can be flexibly converted from ducted to ductless if necessary.

Range Hood Type

When it comes to shopping for a range hood, you should consider some of the best styles for your kitchen we mention below. 

  • Wall-mount range hoods: Those range hoods are favored by many households because they can be installed above your stove in place of cabinetry, helping you save a lot of space. You may notice that there is a chimney-like shape above the range hood.

  • Under-cabinet range hoods. This kind of range hood will be installed under your upper cabinetry. They can be either ducted or ductless. Inducted models will allow air to be taken in and released via vents in the adjoining wall or directed toward vents in the ceiling.

  • Island range hoods: Island range hoods are often positioned above kitchen cooktops or peninsulas and vented through your kitchen’s ceiling. The island mount hoods should be at least 6 inches wider than the stovetop in case they do not have cabinets on either side to aid in directing air toward the hood.

  • Microwave range hoods: They can be either ducted or ductless; however, they are often less powerful than stand-alone units. 

Range Hood Size

Chososing a range hood with a suitable isze is very important because you will have to estimate that this device will fit within specific dimensions. Just imagine that a range hood can be at least as wide as your cooktop. The ideal width of a kitchen range is about 30 inches, and you can find out most range hoods on the marke twith this size. Size is very important for those who own a kitchen with limited space. 

Noise Level 

This factor can be taken much into considerations by people who want to own a range hood. Some people cannot help too loud noises which can distract them from cooking and affect their ears in the long run. In reality, the level of noise will be measured in sones; for example, the sound your refrigerator makes is estimated about one sone; the level of the average conversation can produce noise at 4 sones. 

Besides, some producers instead measure the sound output of their range hoods in decibels; therefore, keep in mind that the noise under 65 decibels (approximately 13 sones) should be tolerable while cooking. You should be aware that more powerful range hoods with high CFM can produce louder noises.


Below are some frequent questions which can help you choose the best range hood for your home. 

1. What is the best CFM for a range hood?

The manufactures say that a CFM of about 300 is acceptable for most kitchens with electric ranges. Meanwhile, a CFM of at least 800 is preferable for those with gas stoves.

2. What is the best height for a range hood?

A range hood is often installed with 18 to 30 inches between your stovetop and the bottom of the range hood. The manufacturer will provide you with the ideal height for each specific range hood.

3. Can you use a ductless range hood with a gas stove?

Gas stoves may require more powerful range hoods since it has high energy output. Besides, you should remember that a high-quality ductless option can be sufficient if the ducted variety is not an option.


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