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Best Sport Watches of 2024


For those who are often active, a sports watch is indispensable. Best smartwatches will make you look cool and fashionable. 

Watches are useful accessories that appear in our lives the most. From men to women, young to old, everyone can use it. And of course each age, each gender has its design to match.

This article will show you 5 Best Sports Watches of 2022:

Buying Guide

There are many different brands of sports watches on the market today. However, to evaluate which watch is suitable for users, we can be based on key criteria such as:

Water Resistance:

The first criterion to evaluate a sports watch is its water resistance. To be able to comfortably operate and play sports effectively, users should choose a watch with a minimum index of 10 ATM. However, depending on the different needs of use, people can choose the water-resistance of the watch. Eg:

  • 3 ATM water resistance: Suitable for light rain or daily hand washing. This line is suitable for fashionable, compact and minimalist watches.

  • 5 ATM water resistance: Can be walked in heavy rain as well as bathing in the shower daily.

  • 10 ATM water resistance: Users can go in heavy rain, soak in tubs and swim in the lake. With this criterion, it is possible to comfortably play outdoor sports.

  • 20 ATM water resistance: Helps users go swimming, scuba diving. Users can wear sports watches with a 20 ATM level to play water sports such as swimming or sailing.

  • 30 ATM water resistance or more: Support in deep diving, professional diving.

Sports Watch Movement:

There are 2 main movements of sports watches: Quartz and Automatic movement. The two movements have two different operating mechanisms, so depending on the needs of the user, you can choose accordingly:

  • Quartz movement: The advantage is durability, compactness as well as a high level

of accuracy. However, the disadvantage does not bring sophistication to professional watch players.

  • Automatic movement: The advantage is that the battery will never run out

because of the automatic winding mechanism. But on the contrary, this line of watches often has a higher error.

Functions to suit your needs:

Each type of sports watch will have different functions. Depending on the needs of users, you can choose a suitable watch model:

For sports on the shore, you should choose sports watches that have the function of measuring time as well as counting time. The Garmin Forerunner 245 is the perfect balance between price and functionality that will help you get better at running.

In contrast, for water sports, users should choose watches with bezels that will help users keep track of time underwater and ensure safety when diving.

Strap material:

For sports watches, users should choose metal strap material instead of the leather straps. Because the leather strap when in direct contact with water is very easy to damage and create an uncomfortable feeling when wearing the watch. Therefore, metal materials are the first choice for sports watches.

Most of the famous watch brands on the market today use stainless steel to process the strap. Because with this strap material will bring advantages such as:

  • Good water resistance, quick drying, and no odor when in contact with water.

  • The strap is easy to clean.

  • The life of the strap is longer than that of the leather strap and is easy to re-police when scratched.



  1. Are sports watches really helpful?

Yes, they can assist you. Fitness trackers may tell you how many calories you burn, how many steps you take, how far you run, and how well you sleep at night, among other things.

  1. What is Tachymeters and how does it work?

A tachymeter is a watch complication that measures how fast the wearer of the watch travels during a set period of time. Tachymeters are most commonly found on chronographs, which are specialty watches with numerous stopwatch functions in addition to a standard watch display.

  1. Are sports watches impact-resistant?

According to famous manufacturers in the world, the impact resistance of watches mostly depends on the material of the glass. Currently, on the market, there are popular types of glass are mineral glass, mica, and sapphire. In particular, monolithic sapphire is said to be the most scratch-resistant and impact-resistant material today, however, the price is high. Using a sports watch when exercising is often unavoidable, so you should choose products with good materials to use!

Final Words

Above are the criteria when buying and the most valuable sports watch models to buy. I am sure that you also love the dynamic, personality, and strong design that they bring. So why not quickly bring yourself a super product to satisfy your passion!

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