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Best SSDs of 2024

Best Pillows of 2024


The new Gen 4 SSDs are coming to town. In the meantime, Gen 3 NVMe SSDs are still the wisest choice to build a gaming PC, no matter with AMD or Intel CPU. Here are some best SSDs for your choices:

Buying Guide

  • Capacity matters. If your budget is tight, try to reduce something else, you need at least a 256GB SSD to store your OS and some main programs or game.
    If you can afford a fine one, try a 500GB or 1TB for personal gaming and stuff. If you plan on doing some video editing and rendering, you might want to consider a 2TB SSD with a big TBW endurance.

  • The newer gen you have, the better speed you get. The NVMe gen 4 SSD is the fastest, next is the NVMe gen 3 and SATA 3 SSD.
    HDDs’ time is not over yet, but they are just sidekicks. Getting a gen 4 SSD is the best, but a gen 3 NVMe is still great. And last but not least, a SATA 3 SSD is good for budget choice.

  • The compatibility: If your computer doesn’t have a SATA 3 slot, it’s time for you to let it go. Most of the recent motherboards have all SSD connections: SATA 3, M.2 NVMe (gen 3 or gen 4), and M.2 SATA 3.

  • When you use many SSDs and HDDs, you might need to calculate your power consumption. If you only use one or two devices, you are good to go.


1. What do SSDs have to be compatible with?

You are buying a brand-new motherboard today, it has a good chance that it has most SSD connectors. If you have an old motherboard or an old laptop, you need to read the product’s manual to get the details of which connectors it has.

2. What are the two types of SSD?

There are two types of SSD classified by data transferring standards: SATA SSD, and NVMe SSD.

SATA SSDs are faster than HDDs and affordable enough to be the most selling product on the market. They come in different contact interface: 2.5” with SATA 3 connector or 2280 – 2230 with M.2 connector.

NVMe SSDs have a way better speed of reading and writing data than SATA SSDs. However, they are a little more expensive than the SATA ones. So if you really need the speed for your beast machine, get some gen 3 NVMe SSDs, even gen 4. But if you are just an ordinary gamer, a SATA 3 SSD is quite enough.

3. Should I get a 1TB HDD or a 256GB SSD?

If you already have an SSD for your OS, you should get the 1TB HDD. But if you are using an HDD for your OS, then the 256GB SSD is your bests choice.

Final Thought

SSDs are now cheaper and much faster than they are used to be. You can upgrade your PC, laptop or TV box without stretching your budget. Pick one of the best SSDs on our list for yourself right now!

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