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Best Tablet Stands of 2024

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Tablets and iPads offer the same convenience as phones and laptops. However, a tablet measures 10 inches on average and weighs around 600g. If you hold and use it for a long time, your arms will get tired. At this time, Best Tablet Stands are the most effective solution, more convenient when you can clip it to the nightstand or use it in the car very conveniently.

Buying Guide

1. Choose products according to your needs

There are different types of tablet holders to suit different usage stands. Depending on the situation and the purpose of use, you should choose the appropriate product for yourself.

  • The kickstand type

If you frequently use your tablet on a desk, choose a tablet stand with a kickstand. The stand type has a large contact surface area, so it is easy to stand. Your hands will easily perform many tasks on the tablet screen like playing games or sending emails.

In addition, you can transform your tablet into a convenient mini computer if you use a separate keyboard. The stand can also be used to store tablets. So you can keep your tablet tidy in its own way. 

  • The arm type

The arm type is suitable when you want to use the tablet flexibly in multiple positions. You can clip the stand to your bed, by the table, etc., and use the tablet in your favorite positions. You can also adjust the angle and height of the stand, making it convenient to use the tablet in an inclined or supine position.

However, the stand will vibrate when you touch the screen, so the arm type is suitable for you to watch videos or video chat, operations that touch the screen less.

  • The clamp type

If you want to use the tablet in your car, choose a clamp type. There are many places on the car for you to hang the stand safely such as the air conditioning vents, CD drive slots, metal bars on the seat headrests.

You can use the tablet as a large navigation display by securing the stand to the air conditioning vents or the car's CD-drive slot. Directions maps are easier to see and manipulate than when used on a smartphone. If you secure the stand behind the seat headrest, you can comfortably watch movies while sitting in the back seat. Especially useful for families with young children.

2. Check the compatible size

The stand is compatible with a variety of tablet sizes, from 4 to 16 inches, depending on the product. Be sure to check the size before you buy!

In addition to a tablet, if you want to use the product as a smartphone stand, choose one that supports sizes from 4 to 6 inches. There is also a small 7-inch size specifically for tablets.

3. Choose the products with a good viewing angle

Another point that you need to check is the screen visibility after placing the tablet on the stand. Pay attention to the ability to adjust the viewing angle of the stand to be more comfortable and free to use.

  • Convenient angle adjustment

Depending on the use case, the viewing angles will be defined differently. For example, when working at a desk or watching a movie while lying down. Most tablet stands allow you to change the viewing angle, but make sure you can select the desired adjustment level.

To surf the web and watch movies, you only need to adjust a fixed angle. But if you want to draw or write on your tablet, choose the adjustable stand.

  • Easy to use vertically or horizontally

Sometimes you want to change the tablet screen orientation, for example portrait screen when searching and landscape screen when playing games or watching videos. Choosing a stand that allows both vertical and horizontal placement of the tablet will make it easy to use in different situations.

In addition, if the charging port is located at the bottom of the device like the iPad series, it will be difficult for you to charge when placing the device vertically. Therefore, with the horizontal tablet stand, you can easily use it while charging. Similarly, the position of the headphone jack is not affected when placing the device horizontally, if you often use headphones, please pay attention to this point.

  • Choose Strong Stand For Safety

Tablets are much heavier than smartphones, so it is advisable to choose a sturdy, highly stable stand to ensure safety when using them.

With the type of stand, you should choose a product that has a wide contact surface and is non-slip. If you want to use a compact stand, you should choose heavy metal or wood for sturdier.

For arm type, should choose one that can be fixed firmly to ensure safety. If possible, choose a lockable clamp. If more stability is required, choose bolted type.

  • Check the portability if you carry it regularly

If you often use it both in the office and at home, take it away or go on a business trip, check the size, weight, compactness… and choose an easy-to-carry type. It will be more convenient to carry if the holder can be neatly folded. Besides, some tablet holders are the same size as your smartphone.

In addition, the stand made of metal such as aluminum is very sturdy, but weighs about 100 to 200g. Most plastic holders are low in strength but light in weight less than 100g. If you prioritize durability even if it's a bit heavy, choose aluminum. And if light weight is more important, choose plastic.


1. Is it necessary to have a tablet stand?

There's nothing like being able to use your iPad without holding it in your hands. A stand becomes an essential tablet accessory whether you're cooking, watching a movie, or working at your desk. A tablet stand may improve your posture and viewing comfort, as well as make typing and pen use much easier.

2. Does the tablet stand affect the device?

When choosing a tablet stand, you should also pay attention to whether the stand will adversely affect the device. In addition, there are many types of tablet stands that cause scratches to the device because the material is too rough. There are also types that are too soft, causing the computer to fall when supported.

3. Should I care about the aesthetics of the tablet stand?

Although it is a stand, it seems to occupy half of the space on the back surface of the tablet. You will also need aesthetics when taking it out in public. It's like an accessory on your body or the coat you wear, if it's ugly you don't need it.

Final Thought

Whether you keep your tablet on a table, on your lap, or hold it in one hand, you'll feel more comfortable with the help of a stand. Check out the selection methods and products to get your favorite tablet stand!

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