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Best Tablet of 2024

Best 27-inch Monitors of 2024


A good tablet should have a long battery life, a diverse app, and service selection and be more than just a screen for watching YouTube videos. Offering its iPad range, Apple has dominated the tablet discourse for years, but it's not the only firm with a tablet that deserves to be on our best tablets of 2024 list.

The tablets listed below are designed to meet specific demands and budgets in no particular sequence. There's a tablet for everyone, whether you're looking for a low-cost device for your kids or something that can effectively replace a computer. We only included the best tablets in our list that provide a solid experience and a good balance of price and functionality.

Top Picks

1. Best iPad for Most People – Apple iPad (2021)

2. Best Low-cost Tablet for Amazon – Amazon Fire HD 10 (2021)

3. Best for Creativity – Apple iPad Air (2020)

4. Best for Younger Kids – Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids

5. Best for 5G Road Warriors – Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+

Buying Guides

1. Screen & Audio

The first thing we should consider before buying a tablet is the screen size and quality; after all, it is the most frequently used gadget component. The best option is the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8+ with a 12.4-inch screen and 2K resolution. While 7-inch and 8-inch tablets are small and light, they seem confined when perusing the web, especially online classes.

2. Processor

Look for tablets with at least a 6-core CPU and a powerful GPU if you want programs to start faster and games to run smoothly. Tablets with at least 4GB RAM and 65GB ROM will be delicate. The Apple 11-inch iPad Pro is the best processor available on an iPad in 2022.

3. Cameras

On tablets, cameras are not as vital as they are on smartphones. Still, it should have an 8MP or 12MP camera with autofocus, an F2.0 aperture, and 4K 30fps video recording, at the very least. Search for tablets with 5MP cameras that can record Full HD video in front-facing cameras. This Galaxy Tab S7 FE ensures that your video appears crisper to folks on the other end of the connection during video calls and conferences.

4. Software

Whether you're buying an iPad or an Android tablet, be sure it comes with the most recent version of the operating system pre-installed. At the very least, it should include a guarantee of an update to the most recent version of Android or iOS. The most recent version of Android is 11 in 2022, and the most current version of iPadOS is 15.

If you are still considering which products best suit your needs, the 2021 Apple iPad Mini is just a great choice that you can’t miss out on.

5. Battery

The Apple 12.9-inch iPad Pro should last a full day of mixed-use on a single charge. A 10-inch tablet should have at least a 4,000mAh battery to survive an entire day, while bigger tablets with an 11-inch or 12-inch screen should have close to 6,000mAh batteries. 

While not everything can be determined solely on battery capacities alone, and you should often check out real-life battery life figures through reviews and tests, those capacities should offer you enough ideas when narrowing down your options.


1. Do I need a keyboard and stylus?

Neither of the accessories is required. It depends on what purposes you want to do with the tablet. There's no need for a keyboard if you're watching movies, playing games, or reading books on the Microsoft Surface Go 3. However, if you want to use it as a weekend replacement for your laptop or school, you'll have to spend the extra cash.

2. Do I have to buy official accessories?

You do not need to purchase a keyboard from the same manufacturer as the tablet. In reality, any of the tablets on this list, like the Amazon Fire HD 10 (2021) or the Apple iPad Air (2020), will operate with a Bluetooth keyboard, mouse, or trackpad from a third party. So, if you already have a Bluetooth keyboard or mouse that you like, save yourself the money and connect it to your tablet to start using it.

3. Is there that big of a difference between Android and iPadOS?

There is a significant difference in the quantity and quality of apps available for iPadOS compared to Android. Apple and third-party developers have spent years fine-tuning the experience on the larger display device. You should consider the iPad Pro (2021) if you’re a real iFan. 

Meanwhile, Google has all but conceded that it no longer makes Android tablets, and developers have followed in its footsteps. You'll discover many apps to download and use, but they're all simply the phone version of the app, and it doesn't operate as well as it should.

Final Thoughts

Apple's iPad series continues to set the bar when it comes to the best tablets, and the Apple iPad (2021) excels in both multimedia and productivity. It's stunning to look at, powerful to use, and continues to advance in peripheral support and augmented reality. With its 120Hz high refresh display, powerful processor, and productivity capabilities, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ is the best Android comparable.

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