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Best Toilet Seats of 2024


Of course, the seat must fit and match the contour of your toilet, but there are a plethora of methods to make it unique. You can also think about the type of material you want for your toilet seat, with plastic and wood being the two most common options.

Finally, think about adding features like a soft-close hinge to your toilet seat, which will make it easier to use and last longer. So, this guide will explain what to look for when purchasing a toilet seat and go through some of the best-rated alternatives in each category.

Top Picks

All we mention below will have a significant impact on how you select and purchase the best toilet seats.

Buying Guide


The form of your toilet is the most crucial consideration when selecting a toilet seat. Round and elongated are the two most prevalent shapes. Elongated toilets are more popular with modern plumbing fixtures, while round toilets are more common in older homes. 

If you're buying a new toilet, there are a few things to consider when choosing between elongated and round toilets:

Adults will find elongated toilets more comfortable, and those with mobility challenges will find it simpler to stand up from them, but they take up more space and are a bit restricted in a tiny bathroom.

Round toilets are more suitable for tiny adults and could be an excellent choice for a child's restroom. They are less durable than elongated variants on average, but they are also less expensive.


Toilet seats are commonly made of either plastic or wood, and each material has advantages and disadvantages. Plastic chairs are lighter and endure more prolonged, although hardwood seats are more durable and heavier. Wooden toilet seats are also thought to offer a touch of grandeur to the bathroom by many individuals.


The color of the toilet seat can assist a toilet in complementing the style of a designer bathroom or provide a splash of color to a neutral plan. Choosing a toilet seat color is usually dictated by the alternatives provided by a particular product and how well it complements the present bathroom decor.

Color is ultimately a matter of personal opinion; however, most popular toilet seat companies offer neutral colors. If having a large selection of a specific brand is vital to you, go with a range of neutral tones, and you'll almost certainly discover one you like.

Other Features

From basic pieces of wood with holes in them, toilet seats have gone a long way. Several additional characteristics, in addition to the ones mentioned above, can quickly improve the functioning of a toilet seat.

Controlled hinges softly lower the seat to rest on the bowl in quiet-closing toilet seats. Bumpers are rubber bumpers that sit on the bottom of the toilet seat, protecting the porcelain and grasping the bowl to keep the seat from slipping when a person sits on it.

Heated seats, massage streams, and built-in bidet systems are available on higher-end versions, giving you a luxury experience in your own home. For those willing to invest the money, advanced nozzle placement, drying functions, and water temperature control are a few of the available features.


1. What is the procedure for replacing the toilet seat?

To replace the toilet seat, use a screwdriver and a socket wrench to remove the old bolts from the current seat, then install the new seat with a new set of bolts. Keep an eye on how tight the bolts are fastened.

The seat (or even the toilet porcelain) might crack if they are excessively tight. If they are overly loose, the seat will move around while in use, bending and breaking the hinges.

2. Which should I choose, a round or square toilet seat?

The square toilet seat is generally believed to be more comfortable than traditional shapes, even though most of us are used to circular toilet seats. This is because, like a chair, a square toilet seat provides additional support beneath the thighs when seated.

3. Is it better to have a wooden or plastic toilet seat?

Choosing between a wood and a plastic toilet seat is mostly a matter of personal preference. Wooden toilet seats are warmer and more pleasant, but they are more challenging to clean. Plastic toilet seats are more adaptable and easier to clean, although they might be uncomfortable in the cold.

Final Thoughts

The best toilet seats are built of high-quality materials that can withstand a lot of weight, are easy to clean, and provide comfort in a private space. That’s why you should buy a toilet seat.

There are numerous toilet seat reviews available on the Internet. It would be great if you did your research before buying. Hopefully, the best toilet seats reviews and buying guide above can assist you in selecting the best device for your needs.

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