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Best Wi-Fi 6 Mesh Routers in 2024

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If you've ever experienced slow internet speeds, lag while playing video games, or dead spots in your home, the problem could be with your router. It may be time to invest in a Wi-Fi 6 mesh router that will help increase internet coverage, make it faster and more reliable, and boost your smart home.

Buying Guide


If this is your first time buying a 6 mesh wifi router, you need to choose carefully. We will help you with the following principles:

The size of your house

How many square meters do you want your snow router to use? Make sure you have a router that can send signals to all areas of your home for the best experience.

The need to use the Internet

You should also consider how you and the rest of your household use the Internet. Do you and others in your household use them often? The Wi-Fi 6 router you choose should match the total number of devices you have connected to your home network, as well as the number of concurrent streams at any given time. 

Dual-band and triple-band

A dual-band switch communicates both 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz signals. Any device that can maintain the faster 5 GHz symbol will communicate with it, while inconsistent devices will use the original 2.4 GHz signal. The tri-band converter covers the 5 GHz signal differently than everything else.

Power grid system

Mesh Wi-Fi systems are useful if your home has a lot of items and is blocked by many walls or has many areas. When using a mesh system, use two or more routers located in areas of your home to ensure that every square meter is covered.


The better your hardware, the faster your Wi-Fi will be. Consider the CPU if it's a router with a quad-core CPU that's great, but if it's lower, it's not a big deal. Along with that is RAM, flash memory, data transfer speed, … it is very important in your choice.



Which are the best wifi 6 mesh routers with the best range?

As far as we know, it is TP-Link AX6600 Deco Tri-Band WiFi 6 Mesh System, with coverage up to 6000 Sq. Ft. It's great if you want a router with great coverage.

How is wifi 6 faster than wifi 5?

As usual, the latest Wifi standard for faster data transfer speeds. If you compare 1 device, wifi 6 is up to 1.4 times faster than wifi 5.

Why is wifi 6 faster than wifi 5?

Wifi 6 has faster speeds thanks to more efficient encryption of data, resulting in higher throughput. A lot of data is packed in the same radio wave, these signal encoding and decoding chips keep getting stronger and can handle more data.

Final Words

Choosing the best wifi 6 mesh routers for you, all depends on how much you want to spend, what features you are looking for and how much cutting-edge technology you want in your wireless router.

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