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Best Cheapest Price Photo Printers of 2024

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We're all looking for value for money in our products, but when you are looking for the best budget photo printers, you must always consider the trade-off between price and print quality.

Cheap printers often only utilize two inks – black and color – which leads to far lower printed photo quality than the more high-end printers, like those by Epson that use six inks.

Five-color inks plus black provide considerably finer color transitions and eliminate banding in your printed images.

This post will provide you with an overview of the essential characteristics to consider when shopping for a low-cost picture printer, as well as numerous low-cost photo printer possibilities.


1. Best Overall – Epson Expression Photo HD XP-15000

Thanks to its low price for such a high-end printer, the Epson Expression XP-15000 offers excellent print quality and color accuracy without breaking the bank.

This is a dedicated photo printer for home users who want to produce professional-quality prints rather than the more basic prints produced by cheaper home models such as the HP Envy 6055.

The Epson XP-15000 is the most fantastic affordable A3 photo printer, in my opinion, and it should keep you printing images for years if you can live with the inks not lasting very long and being quite expensive to replace.



  • Excellent photo quality.

  • Fantastic color accuracy from the Claria HD inks.

  • Relatively fast photo print speeds.

  • Two input trays.


  • Generic inks rarely work in Epson printers.

2. Best Budget A3 – Epson Expression Photo XP-970

Suppose you're searching for an excellent, inexpensive picture printer. In that case, the Epson XP-970 provides similar print quality as the XP-15000, using the same Claria HD inks but at a cheaper cost and with a scanner. This, in my opinion, makes it the ideal printer for photographs and scanning.

It isn't nearly as massive as its bigger sibling, the XP-15000, it only has an 11-inch maximum print width, but this should be enough for most customers. Although the ink cartridges are quite inexpensive, it also has a little lower print economy. Many of the advantages of a professional photo printer in terms of absolute print quality are available in a far more affordable configuration.



  • Fantastic print quality.

  • Uses Epson's stunning six Claria HD inks, the same as the more expensive XP-15000.

  • It's able to print on many media types.


  • Small ink cartridges & high ink use.

3. Best Cheap – HP Envy 6055

The HP Envy 6055 is one of the most affordable picture printers on the market. It's better suited to home offices than dedicated photo printing, but it still manages to produce excellent photo print quality and color accuracy.

The inbuilt scanner is helpful. However, it lacks automatic sheet feeding capabilities, indicating more than a photo printer.

Although the color ink cartridge only lasts about 65 prints before needing replacement, you can now sign up for HP Instant Ink when purchasing this printer. This is excellent value for money, especially if you print frequently — you won't find cheaper ink than through this service.



  • Very good photo print quality.

  • Fantastic color accuracy.

  • Small, compact, and easily fits on your desk.


  • No automatic scanning features.

4. Best Portable – Kodak Dock Plus

The Kodak Dock Plus is a popular model for more casual photographers as the portable photo printer.

Of course, photo quality does not compare to that of professional photo printers. It lags behind home models like the HP Envy series, so don't anticipate pure colors and contrast without extra editing.

Kodak, on the other hand, isn't designed for perfectionists. This is a fun printer that allows you, or your friends or family, to effortlessly submit images to print from your phone if you want to share a snapshot with others.



  • The best portable photo printer.

  • Ink and paper are bought together, making it easier to use.

  • Print directly from your phone, either via USB or Bluetooth.


  • Photo quality doesn't match dedicated or home photo printers.


1. Can photo printers print regular documents?

Yes. A dedicated photo printer can print documents, but keep in mind that inkjet printers tend to be better at rendering text. 

2. Is it cheaper to print photos at home?

It depends. Printing photos at home may not always be a more economical solution than printing photos at a store or through an online service. However, when you print photos from home, you have much more control over output and quality – and you'll get your prints much faster, too.

3. Which paper is best for photo printing?

That depends on the subject and occasion. There are several types of photo paper, and each has its advantages. For instance, glossy paper works well for landscapes with bold colors, while matte paper suits large portraits.

Final Thought

One-size-fits-all does not apply to photo printers. If you are looking to up your photo game, it's time to ditch that office printer and upgrade to a cheap photo printer. The best budget photo printers can be on the pricier side, so make sure you do your research to find the machine that fits your needs.

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