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How to Share Xbox Game Pass With Multiple Consoles.

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Connecting A Second Console To Your "Home" Console 

You need to know that there's nothing wrong with this. And Microsoft won't ban you from sharing your subscription between two consoles, so don't worry about it. Microsoft came up with the idea for "game sharing." They made it so that subscriptions and games could be shared between consoles. 

As part of your game library, you can also play any games you own on the "Home" console. With a second console set up as your "Home" Xbox, you can play games on your primary console. Log in as you usually get your Game Pass subscription and game library. Your account can be set up to automatically log in and get your subscription and games.

1. Add your Xbox account to the second Xbox.

It can appear to be complicated, but it is quite straightforward. In this example, person A owns Xbox A, and Person B owns Xbox B. Individual A wishes to share their Game Pass subscription with Xbox B while maintaining access to Xbox A. 

Add Person A's account to Xbox B. You can press the Xbox button, then go to the "Profile and System" tab. Next, click on "Add or Change." Then click the "Add New" button. Make sure you sign in with your username and password so you can add it to Xbox. 

2. Set the second Xbox to be the "Home console."

This time, Xbox B should become Person A's "home console" so that Person B can get to the library. Navigate to Settings > General > Personalization to accomplish this. Then, click the "My Home Xbox" button on the bottom right.


3. Remove Person A's account (optional)

The consoles are not in the same place or shared space. Person A may not like that Person B has full access to their account. As long as the "Home" Xbox stays the same, you can delete Person A's account from Xbox B and keep the Game Pass subscription.


Game Pass might be the best deal for games. Not only are there a lot of games to choose from, but all of Microsoft's exclusives are also coming to Game Pass on the first day they're out. People who want to play games on more than two consoles can't get the Game Pass because there isn't a family plan. It would let more than two people play at the same time. You might not know where to start with so many books.


It may seem weird to people who've been on Xbox Game Pass for a long time to pay $50 for a new game when it's released. As part of your subscription, many people show up on launch day. Why would anyone do this when so many show up? It's interesting to see how quickly people start to think this way. And Nintendo and Sony are likely worried about this. We think it could even be what the future of games looks like. 

Above are the guidelines about sharing Xbox Game Pass with multiple consoles. Hopefully, this guideline can be helpful for you. Good luck!

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