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Best Bulb Planters of 2024

Best Printers of 2024


Gardening may be a time-consuming activity if not done correctly. However, a bulb planter will help you ease the job! It is equipment that helps with this process by coring out the dirt and preparing a hole in the ground to sow seeds. They make rapid work of planting bulbs, allowing you to get a professional-looking outcome quickly and effortlessly.

To select the appropriate one for you, choose from smaller hand-held bulb planters and bigger long-handled bulb planters. Each design has serrated stainless steel blades that will assist you in planting bulbs, seedlings, and flowers. Some contain footprints, while others are simply placed into the ground by hand.
Check out some of our favorite bulb planters with reviews below for more information.

Top Picks

We have carefully considered various best bulb planters and composed a list of our top picks based on their features as well as the price.


1. Edward Tools Bulb Planter

Best Overall


  • Product Dimensions: 0.02 x 0.02 x 0.02 inches
  • Item Weight: 10.6 ounces


  • Affordably priced
  • Chrome-plated steel reinforcing
  • The tool's sturdy solid steel frame prevents it from bending.
  • Warranty for life


  • It does not give enough leverage to plant a 6-inch bulb.
  • It's possible that fine soil won't hold up very well.

Product's Summary

The Edward Tools Bulb Planter is an excellent bulb planting tool for tulips, daffodils, and other flower bulbs. The short-handled planter is made of reinforced chrome-plated steel and features a durable solid steel frame that prevents the tool from bending. Its serrated edge digs deeply into the earth and allows for faster digging in heavy soils. A pleasant ergonomic black plastic grip with an adjustable soil release mechanism enables for the easy removal of a soil blockage. Because it contains a depth marker ranging from 1-4 inches, you will be able to achieve a constant accurate depth every time. The bulb planter is guaranteed by a lifetime warranty from Edward Tools.

2. Yard Butler Bulb and Garden Planter

Best Lightweight


  • Product Dimensions: 5 x 5 x 9 inches
  • Item Weight: 1 pounds


  • Operation is straightforward.
  • Simple twisting movement
  • It's ideal for bulbs and bedding plants.
  • Lightweight 30-day money-back guarantee or replacement


  • It might be difficult to dig a 6-inch hole in deep soil.
  • Not recommended for usage in hard, rocky soil.

Product's Summary

The bulb planter's simple twisting motion makes it easy to produce a perfect 6-inch deep and 3-inch broad hole for all sorts of bulbs and bedding plants such as tulips, crocus, dahlias, gladiolus, and lilies. The lightweight tool features a long handle that minimizes unnecessary bending and allows you to plant your bulbs standing up, making it ideal for persons with weak backs or elders. All you have to do is place the planter where you want your bulbs to grow. Step down on the side foot bar to drive the sharp edge of the planter into the dirt and effortlessly twist to create a hole to the appropriate depth. Remove the dirt core by lifting the planter and tapping it.

3. Berry&Bird Bulb Planter

Best Premium Choice


  • Material: Wood, Stainless Steel
  • Color: Bulb Planter With 4 Inches Depth Mark
  • Special Feature: Durable
  • Shape: Novelty
  • Brand: Berry&Bird

Product's Summary

Forget about laborious gardening tasks because the gardener's best buddy is the Berry&Bird Bulb Planter. It helps you to swiftly plant bulbs while reducing bending and stooping. The 36.6-inch long-handled bulb planter makes planting your fresh bulbs a breeze. The smooth ash wood handle is sturdy, and the strengthened stainless steel head is rust-proof and long-lasting. This bulb planter is really simple to operate. Its ergonomic T-Bar handle is easy to hold and provides excellent leverage and maximum digging force with minimum effort. The bulb planter comes with a 30-day free replacement guarantee and a 2-year warranty from Berry&Bird.


  • Long-handle saves time and effort while avoiding bending.
  • Handle made of tough ash wood
  • The stainless steel reinforced head is rust-resistant and long-lasting.
  • Sharp serrated teeth easily slip into the dirt.
  • Simple and straightforward to use


  • Cost an arm and a leg
  • When using the bulb planter in particularly hard clay soil, the handle may become loose.


Here are some more information about best bulb planters.

1. Is it worthwhile to invest in bulb planters?

A bulb planter prevents you from disturbing any more soil than necessary, making them ideal for planting between other plants or in turf, as well as taking the guesswork out of getting the depth right and speeding up the process.

2. How deep should bulbs be planted?

Varying species of blooming bulbs require different depths, but a good general rule of thumb is to plant the bulb three times its height. So, if your bulb is 2 inches tall, you would plant it 6 inches deep.

3. What happens if a bulb is planted too deeply?

Too-deep bulbs can suffocate and decompose, and survivors have leaves but no flowers, as well as a very long, white stem between the bulb and the green above-ground leaves. If you label the beds and know where the bulbs are, you may also conduct this relocation in the fall.


So, eventually, we learned a lot about the best bulb planters and investigated the numerous possibilities accessible. These tools are often useful for individuals who do not want to get their hands filthy when gardening, and they are used to drill holes and plant bulbs with the least amount of work.

If you have any questions or doubts about the best bulb planters above, feel free to contact us or comment below. We’re looking forward to replying to it as soon as possible.

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