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Apple Watch SE vs. Series 7: Why Apple’s Cheaper Watch Could Be the Better Value

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In September 2021, Apple released the Apple Watch Series 7. It has larger displays, outstanding durability, and faster charging. A year after Apple debuted the Apple Watch SE, a low-cost Apple Watch. It retains many of the Apple Watch features that have made the gadget so popular.

The Apple Watch Series 7 is at $399. Meanwhile, the Apple Watch SE starts at $279, making it more affordable. These two devices share critical features. They include design, water resistance, and an optical heart sensor. It may not be clear which one is better for you right away. Is it worth it to get the less expensive model with fewer features?

Apple Watch SE vs. Series 7: Why Apple's Cheaper Watch Could Be the Better Value

Apple Watch lovers have three alternatives when purchasing a new smartwatch:

  • Apple Watch Series 7 $399 (£369, AU$599)

  • Apple Watch SE $279 (£249, AU$429)

  • Apple Watch Series 3 $199 (£179, AU$299)

Apple Watch Series 3 is the third generation of the Apple Watch. Although the Series 7 has Apple's latest health features and a larger screen, the Apple Watch SE's value is hard to beat.



The $199 Series 3 is enticing. But, we recommend getting one of Apple's newer watches instead. The Series 3 is already four years old and difficult to upgrade. That leaves the Series 7 and SE. And you're probably stumped on which one to choose.

Choosing the best Apple Watch, like many other purchases, boils down to how you want to use it. Choose the Series 7 if you want the most up-to-date watch. It can provide more information about your health and essential activity.

Yet, the Apple Watch SE can save you a lot of money. Without sacrificing anything for those interested in the Apple Watch's essential capabilities.

You can log workouts, check your heart rate, and use Siri to set timers and alarms. Receiving notifications and using Apple Pay are supported on both Apple Watch models.

As a result, it appears to be the best solution for most individuals. People regard the Series 7 as an alternative for those with more health tracking needs.

Here's how to figure out which Apple Watch is the best fit for you.

The Screen Of The Apple Watch SE Is Adequate, But The Series 7 Has A Vital Function.

The screen is the most significant distinction between the Apple Watch Series 7 and the Apple Watch SE. It's not only in size but also in features.

Apple reduced the size of the screen's borders. The Series 7 has a more expansive display than any other Apple Watch.


Picture: TheVerge

The Series 7 is more extensive, with 41-millimeter and 45-millimeter sizes available. It's instead of the SE's 40mm and 44mm sizes.

Thanks to the larger screen, you'll get two new watch faces. It's also an on-screen keyboard and two more font size settings. They aren't accessible on other Apple Watches, including the SE.

It's good to have a keyboard for responding to text messages. But the difference in size won't make you want to start composing longer text messages with your wrist.

The screen on the Apple Watch SE is too small to fit Apple's new keyboard. But it's still big enough to read messages and news headlines comfortably.

The screen on the SE is also more significant than the display on the Apple Watch Series 3 and earlier. So if you're upgrading from a 2017 or previous Apple Watch, you'll notice the difference.

The larger screen of the Series 7 helps the experience feel more sophisticated. But it shouldn't be the primary reason you select it over the SE.

Instead, this is your first Apple Watch or upgrading from an Apple Watch Series 4 or earlier. Consider how vital an always-on display is to you.

Unlike the Apple Watch SE, the Series 7's screen can display watch faces. Even when your wrist is down, you can turn off the display. After all, the Apple Watch isn't a piece of wearable technology.

It's also a fashion accessory. And I'm sure some individuals would prefer to wear a colorful watch face all the time. Rather than have their watch transform into a black square when the screen runs out.

Rather than the screen size differential, the always-on display is more significant.

Since the original introduction in 2015, I've tested every Apple Watch model. The always-on display is one of the main features I miss when going from a premium model to a budget choice.

It improves the watch's two most crucial functions. It shows the time and provides short glanceable information.

There is no more elevating your wrist to the correct angle or tapping the screen to view your numbers.

If you choose Series 7 over the SE, you'll have more color options and finishes. The Apple Watch Series 7 has aluminum, stainless steel, and titanium finishes. In contrast, the Apple Watch SE is only available in aluminum.

Apple's new watch comes in midnight (black), starlight (silver and gold), green, blue, and red colors. The Apple Watch SE is only available in three colors: space gray, silver, and gold.

With the Series 7, Apple improved the watch's longevity. It's by adding dust resistance and a more front crystal.

The Battery Of The Apple Watch Series 7 And Apple Watch SE Is Identical. However, The Series 7 Charges Faster.



The Apple Watch's battery life hasn't changed in recent years. Instead, with the Series 7, Apple has reduced the time to charge your watch. Setting the battery in the morning after a night of sleep tracking is much easier.

According to Apple, the Apple Watch Series 7 has certain internal upgrades and a new fast charger. It should allow it to recharge 80 percent of its battery in 45 minutes and 100 percent in 75 minutes. The Apple Watch SE should take 1.5 hours to charge 80% and 2.5 hours to charge fully.

The Apple Watch Series 7 charged faster than the Series 6 — which, in turn, set quicker than the Apple Watch SE.

But, these modifications were noticeable after I had charged the Series 7 for a half-hour.

The Series 7 went from zero to 54 percent after 30 minutes of charging. Whereas the Series 6 had only refilled 37 percent of its battery.

The Apple Watch will be more convenient with speedier charging. However, like the other upgrades, it isn't enough of a selling factor in and of itself.


The Apple Watch Series 7 is better than the Series 6 model. It has a bigger screen, durability, and faster charging. For people who want the most out of their wearable, the Apple Watch Series 7 will be the best option. If you wish to track your health, have a bigger screen, and charge quickly, the Apple Watch Series 7 is your best model.

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